Diet and Yoga for weight loss

(September 5, 2010)

Asanas and diets for lossing weight

The ancient practice of Yoga has gained a lot of popularity and importance in today’s world, because of the several health benefits that have been associated with it. The most popular application of the discipline involves the use of yoga for weight loss. People have realized that yoga can make you feel better, by increasing your energy, strength and flexibility. At the same time, yoga has been known to reduce stress, health problems and most importantly, obesity. Apart from following a diet for weight loss, getting adequate exercise is also very important. Yoga includes many exercises, poses and breathing techniques can work wonders for losing weight. There are several Hollywood stars as well as other celebrities that practice yoga for weight loss purposes. The use of yoga for weight loss is so effective because it does not follow a narrow approach to goal, but addresses the broader issues and underlying causes of weight gain as well.

Best yoga for weight loss:
Yoga has now become a regular part of most diet and weight loss programs. The amount of weight you lose and the speed at which you lose weight will depend entirely on the type of yoga exercise you opt for, as well as the frequency at which you decide to practice it. Given below, are some of the best forms of yoga for weight loss:

•Bikram or Hot Yoga: This refers to a style of Yoga, in which a series of 26 exercises are practiced in an environment of 100 degrees F. Since it takes around 90 minutes to perform the series, at a high temperature, the amount of fat and calories that your body burns, is much higher, as compared to other exercises. There are several people who have successfully used Bikram yoga for weight loss.
•Ashtanga Yoga: This is a very vigorous type of yoga practice, which is especially beneficial for those people who are trying to lose weight. Beginners to yoga are often asked to start with Ashtanga yoga classes, as this style keeps them motivated. This form of yoga can also easily be practiced at home, after a while.
Power Yoga: Like the name suggests, this form of yoga provides a thorough and vigorous cardiovascular workout, for the body. Power yoga is also extremely popular, since it increases strength and flexibility. Power Yoga, includes a 90-minute workout session, with breathing techniques that heat the body from within, which helps in flushing out all the water weight as well as the toxins from the body.

There are several fitness experts who may also recommend adding yoga exercises to your daily weight loss regime, since yoga conditioning for weight loss has several benefits apart from weight loss.

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Diet and Yoga for weight loss 

Weight loss can be effectively achieved with a proper diet and yoga asanas. Asanas such as the shoulder stand and the fish position are particularly meant to stimulate the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is mainly responsible for sluggish metabolism and it helps to correct these imbalances with yoga. Yoga increases fat metabolism thereby altering fat to muscle and energy. With the right diet you will lose fat and also have experience enhanced muscle tone and increased vitality.

The deep breathing technique in yoga helps in enhancing the oxygen inhalation to the cells in the body, including the fat cells. Increased oxygen results in burning up of fat cells. Another amazing facet of Yoga asanas is that it brings down anxious thoughts and tension which, in turn, cuts down overeating. It is a common tendency to swallow food or binge on food in moments of tension. Doing so makes us consume more than what is necessary for our body. Yoga thus plays a vital role in controlling the diet through its various asanas and deep breathing meditative techniques.  Deep breathing yoga and other yoga asanas such as the tree pose, the sun salute, the triangle pose, the locust pose, and the camel pose, are instrumental in weight loss.

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