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(May 26, 2008)

Hi Am 22(female).My height is 5.4. Weight is 48. Am not fat but i have bulged back. It looks very odd. I want to reduce that and my hips. Could you please suggest me what best I can do.

Yoga poses for losing weight 

Yes you are not fat or overweight according to your height. You can shape or tone your hip and thigh muscles by practicing the following poses at regular basis. Sun salute, angle pose, triangle pose, hero pose both I and II, dog pose both face up and face down, butterfly pose, advanced wind releasing pose, and celibacy pose.

  • Butterfly pose – sit on a yoga mat in sukhasana or easy pose. Now bend both knees and bring both the soles of the feet together and place then under the crotch area. Keep the spine and neck straight. Hold both the feet with interlaced paws for stability. Do not raise your heel. Place your elbows on thighs, breathe in and press both the thighs down (without using elbows). Then raise both the knees upwards while exhaling. Repeat this 15-20 times with a proper breathing rhythm.
  •  Dog pose – on a yoga mat form a table pose that is stand on both your knees and palms parallel to each other. Inhale; reach the tailbone up towards the ceiling. Drop the belly and arch the spine. Press the palms on the floor with the fingers wide apart. Drop shoulders down and keep your head up. Without straining look as high as possible uo on the ceiling. Breathe, hold for 10 seconds. While releasing exhale and flatten the back moving back to the table pose. 

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