Running And Weight Loss

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 21, 2012

Running and accomplishing weight loss is an excellent option to choose. Whether you want to lose a considerable amount of weight or just want to keep fit you will find running very helpful. Among the varied cardiac exercises, running is opted for the most. Around 100 calories can be burnt when you run for a mile. Running and achieving weight loss is a slow process and some weight may...


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.even be gained in the beginningn This is because the muscle that is converted from the fat is heaviere

However, there is no need to worry as the weight will start to reduce as you continue runningn The relationship between running and weight loss is one that is well establishede

Before you engage in running and weight loss programs you should consult a doctor to determine if you are fit to pursue it on a regular basisi Before you begin running you should start out slowly by walking for a short timem This will develop the muscles of your heart and as you become stronger you can start jogging and then eventually runningn It is important that the routine of running workouts for weight loss is continually changed for it to be most effectivev This is because the body tends to adapt to the running programa When this occurs, fewer calories are needed to do the same amount of work as the body gains more efficiencyc

Running benefits weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate of the body and burning away the caloriese You can increase the amount of calories you burn by intensifying your runningn You should gradually increase the number of miles you run every daya This helps in burning the calories and shedding more fat which may not be achieved if the same distance is run every daya

It is not necessary for you to be a fitness freak to reap the benefits of exercises Taking up walking not only helps to improve your wellbeing, but is also effective in gradual weight losss Walking and achieving weight loss is ideal for people who haven't exercised in a whilel Walking can be done by anyone as it doesn't cause any kind of stress on the bodyd To maximize weight loss from walking you should pay attention to your posturer

Whether you're walking or running and achieving weight loss, you must make sure that you don't expect immediate resultst This can cause you to get discouraged and eventually stop the exercises Keeping realistic expectations and faithfully setting aside time each day for a workout will ensure satisfactory weight losss

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