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Obesity is a very common and widespread problem all over the world. In fact, some countries are faced with such a grave concern about the same that they have gone as far as labeling the condition as being a pandemic. Before getting into the details of how to control the condition, it is important that each and everyone is aware of the factors that cause its development. While there are some cases in which the individual can easily point the finger of blame at factors that are out of their control such as genetics and hereditary – most cases will see the root causes of the condition as being an unhealthy diet and a lack of proper exercise. Because of the fact that we live very fast paced lifestyles, there is always the temptation to choose the convenience of fast foods rather than take the time out in order to ensure that you have a nutritious meal. While these foods are admittedly tasty, they contain none of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that our bodies require for proper functioning while being jam packed with high quantities of empty calories that serve no other purpose other than simply being converted into fat cells and added to the fatty tissue in the body. Adequate exercise will go a long way into burning off these excessive fat layers in the body, but again – alack of time is likely to be one of the most common concerns. Despite the fact that the discipline has been around for centuries, the link between weight loss and yoga has only recently come to prominence.
Weight loss and yoga are primarily linked by the fact the poses of the discipline require the muscles and tendons to move in a very intense and controlled fashion – thereby leading to some significant amount of calorie burning. There are also a number of weight loss yoga exercises that will prove to be rather effective when it comes to weight loss and yoga has the advantage of being one of the most effective natural and holistic routes to a better way of life. One of the most highly regarded weight loss yoga positions is the bikram yoga. Weight loss and bikram yoga information can be easily found through a number of sources such as the internet as well as your local bookstore. However, remember that because of the intense yoga poses, that you make sure that you initially perform the poses under experienced supervision until you get a grasp of the discipline.

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Weight gain is a common problem faced by a large number of people today. There are many factors which contribute to unhealthy weight gain. The sedentary nature of lifestyles today is one of the main causes of obesity. Poor dietary habits which involve consumption of fast food and junk food instead of healthy, balanced meals also lead to weight gain. Other causes of weight gain may include thyroid disturbances, stress and lack of regular exercise. Yoga has become popular as a fitness discipline for weight loss and there are a variety of poses and practices to choose from. For effective results and significant weight loss yoga poses need to be chosen carefully.
Yoga is an age-old practice that involves various poses that target different parts of the body. It is known to bring about physical fitness as well as mental well being. The benefit of yoga in weight loss is that it focuses on the entire body as a whole. It is also gentle and low impact and hence can be performed by almost anyone. In addition to weight loss, yoga also helps to tone the muscles, correct the posture, improve digestion and relieve stress. There are many weight loss yoga poses if practiced regularly helps to achieve and maintain healthy body weight. Some of the weight loss yoga positions that are beneficial for those who want to lose weight include surya namaskar (sun salutation), vrksasana (tree pose), trikonasana (triangle pose), bhujangasana (cobra pose), Pavanamuktasana (wind releasing pose) and Balasana (child pose). Certain poses are more focused on specific parts of the body such as the arms, legs or thighs. Your weight loss yoga routine can incorporate these poses based on your requirements. In addition to the physical postures, yoga also involves breathing exercise which helps to relieve tension from the body and maximize the benefits of the physical exercises. Breathing enables you to meditate and relax by concentrating on the inhalation and exhalation of air. Here is a description of poses that are common in many weight loss yoga sequences.
The extended side Utthita Parsvakonasana (angle pose) helps to tone the thighs and hips. To perform this pose, get into a low lunge and then roll the heel of your rear leg to the floor. Place your fingers on the floor towards the inside of the heel of the front leg. Then stretch your other arm over and past the ear and align your body in a straight line. The Dhanurasana (bow pose) is also beneficial for weight loss. Lie down on your stomach and extend the arms towards the back. Bend the knees and hold the tips of the feet with your fingers. Pull the shoulders back and hold the pose for a few seconds. Then resume original position and repeat a couple of times. You can also try some weight loss pilates poses as they help in improving metabolism, thereby leading to weight loss. Weight loss with yoga poses and breathing is only possible if practiced consistently and on a regular basis.

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Yoga is a great way to increase your overall fitness and potentially lose weight. Some styles of yoga lend themselves to a real aerobic workout, thereby increasing your metabolic rate and helping you lose weight. If this is your goal, try Power yoga or Ashtanga yoga.  Power Yoga is a high intensity yoga that is done in a warm room. The poses are connected with vinyasa’s that are designed to get you breathing harder. Ashtanga yoga is also a faster yoga style that is focuses on Sun Salutations and connecting vinyasa’s. It may be done in a warm room and is also designed increase the heart rate. Increasing your heart rate and your metabolic rate will increase the number of calories you consume. Excess calories are what cause you to gain weight, so the goal of any weight loss regime should be to either decrease the number of calories you consume or increase you metabolic weight.

Also eating healthier may also help you lose weight. Try following the yogic lifestyle – particularly the yogic diet of strict vegetarianism. More fruits and vegetables will help balance out your diet and may reduce the number of calories you take in.

Also, don’t expect the same results as you would if you were running or swimming. The effects from yoga may take a little longer, but will be more longer lasting.

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