Yoga for Weight Loss

(August 8, 2008)

After delivery I weigh around 90kgs. If I do yoga will I lose weight? Please tell me how to my weight through yoga?

Yoga can help in the reduction of belly weight. Ladies generally get overweight after pregnancy and a few women have great trouble losing these extra deposits of fat in the belly region.

Weight is gained in pregnancy easily and it can be shed easily too as it is a natural phenomenon of putting on weight. One can lose weight gradually and therefore its not recommended to take up large number of exercises in one go. Doing so would cause more harm and does not provide any results. Weight cannot be lost instantly as the weight which has been gained in the long period of pregnancy cannot be got rid off in one day.

Taking up exercises instantly after pregnancy is also not desirable. Adequate amount of rest is essential after pregnancy and one should have some buffer time before jumping to treadmills and exercises. Yoga exercises are light and beneficial and hence perfect for weight loss after pregnancy. One should always start with simple yoga exercises. Giving little buffer time and rest to the body is advisable even before taking up yoga.

To start with yoga, for the post pregnancy weight reduction, one can always start with simple breathing exercises of yoga like pranayama. Yoga helps in the reduction of the extra belly fats by burning the cholesterol deposits in the body. Yoga exercises should be undertaken after proper guidance from yoga practitioner and it greatly depends on your condition after pregnancy. Consume foods which don't contain extra cholesterol, so as to avoid fat increase in the body.

Exercises of yoga should be practiced regularly and each asana of yoga should hold back in the same posture for sometime. These asanas should be undertaken only after menstruation becomes normal once again after pregnancy.

Every human body is different and the time required to become free from the extra deposits of fat varies considerably. Certain exercise like swimming and long walks should be undertaken once the body is fit after pregnancy. Small comfortable walks on regular basis can also help the body in reducing the extra fat deposits in the body.

Drinking lots of water is essential for the removal of toxins from the body. Yoga exercises help in increasing the feeling of thirst which helps to ingest more water in the diet as well as normally several times of the day. This also helps in reduction of the body weight once gained by the body after pregnancy.

Submitted by R J on August 8, 2008 at 01:33

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