Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

(August 1, 2008)

How to lose weight and get a flat tummy?

Yoga shows great results for weight loss. It helps to provide proper straining and stretching exercises to the body and helps to get rid of the extra pounds. Little exercise on a regular basis helps in losing weight carefully and quickly. It gives a perfect shape to the body along with weight reduction.

Yoga should be practiced on a regular basis as it shows great results for reduction of extra weight gained near the belly. It also helps to provide freedom from ailments like obesity and other discomforts caused due to the same. It accomplishes weight reduction by increasing the metabolism in the human body and helps in burning the cholesterol which is the main cause of weight increase and accumulation of extra pounds on the body.

Certain other sports like swimming and jogging which have been derived from ancient yoga methodologies also help greatly in weight reduction. Yoga helps to provide unison between mind and body and also helps in raising the spirits of the individuals. When Yoga is practiced in a particular environment and specific mindset helps in raising the self esteem of the individual thereby providing mental peace, which helps in getting relief from several ailments which lead to obesity.

Indigestion is the chief cause of obesity and this may lead to accumulation of weight by the body. Yoga provides relief from mental tensions and agony and helps to endow the body with great zeal and vigor to keep it full of spirit while attaining the chief purpose of weight reduction.

It provides extra energy to manage the daily chores and take up little other physical responsibilities which also helps in weight reduction in a normal way without any botherations on the individual about the weight loss. Different types of yoga like bikram yoga and ashtanga yoga helps in the reduction of weight by decreasing the stress level on the individuals. It also helps increase in concentration in a wide variety or work and also helps in burning the extra fats accumulated in various organs of the body.

The traits and techniques of both bikram yoga and Ashtanga (8 limbs yoga) yoga are easy to learn and adapt to. It helps to provide exercise to the body by control of breath in a wide variety of the postures. These postures of yoga should be adapted one by one, and one should stay in this specific posture for some time before moving on to the other so that the body can take benefit of it and reveal best results.

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