Yoga Blocks For Extra Strength & Good Support System

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 23, 2012

Any exercise when done correctly would help in getting the proper results. Every part of the body would be rejuvenated by getting your exercise right. The yoga blocks used for doing yoga asanas would create extra strength which you need. This helps in doing most of your asanas without strain. Some of the asanas which can be done with the help of this foam is Pincha Mayurasana...


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How To Use Yoga Props

.(Feathered Peacock Pose),or use it to ground your lower hand in standing poses as well as a good support for your hips in bridge poses The foam would reduce the distance of your hand from the ground making it easier to do the asanas easilyl

You can get these blocks in different colors to suit your personality as well as according to your needsd These blocks are of great purpose as some of the poses which many may find it hard to do can be modified as it will get the floor closer to youo These are very lightweight and can be used on regular basisi These are easy to grip making it easy to handle the blockc There are blocks made of cork too which are very durable and made of natural materials which make it environment friendlyl These provide the comfort and support which is required for doing the asanasa

There are foam wedges which are also very important for doing the asanasa It is mainly used for keeping it under your heels while squatting or under the hips while doing forward bendsd These foam wedges make the exercise easy and equally manageablel One can also use this to avoid the overstretching or pressuring your joints for poses such as facing dog or upward bowo

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