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Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 21, 2012

Running tracks are included in many different sports that involve distance and sprint running. Track events include relay races and hurdles. For all these events it is very important to train properly so that the body is able to perform at optimum level. Running track training also involves adequate stretching, a good warm up and conditioning of the body.


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Correct Running Techniques

Stretching the muscles is one of the most important running track tips. The legs play the most important role in track running and it is necessary to stretch each muscle of the leg. This enables the muscles to perform better and also prevents the risk of injury.

The calves may be stretched by standing about 3 feet from a wall and placing the hands against the wall. Then extend the left leg back with the heel touching the ground. Hold for a few seconds and repeat with the other leg. A hamstring stretch involves standing before any object that is about waist high. Place the left foot on the object while keeping the right foot firm on the floor. Hold and then repeat with the other leg. To stretch the quad muscles, stand and then bend the left foot up towards the buttocks. Hold the left foot and remain in this position for thirty seconds and then repeat with the other leg. Warming up may be done for fifteen to thirty minutes. Conditioning is essential in running track as it enhances endurance and allows the individual to perform well.

Running track equipment includes speed chutes, dual resistance harnesses, speed trap timers, starting blocks and mini-step hurdles. A speed chute opens up in order to add resistance and thus improves the athlete's stamina and acceleration. A dual resistance harness helps to enhance speed and drive. It also works on leg turnover. A speed trap timer keeps track of the athlete's speed and hence helps in charting progress. Starting blocks are mainly used by short distance sprinters for tracking their running track distance and improving race time. Good quality running shoes for track events are very important for athletes. There is a vast range of shoes available today and there are special shoes for every track event. Runners and sprinters require shoes that are stiffer so that they are able to generate a large amount of power through the legs. Athletes who participate in jumping events require shoes that are specially designed for their movements. Middle distance runners require shoes with flexible soles and more cushioning.

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