Runners Knee Exercises

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 21, 2012

The knee joint is a critical joint in the leg. It allows the leg to bend half way down the length of the leg. The knee joint is important because it provides shock absorption to the leg. When an individual is walking, jogging or running, shocks are received in the leg. These shocks are caused by the vibration associated with the weight of the body landing on either leg. The fluid of the knee joint helps...


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.to absorb this shockc The knee joint also uses the fluid for lubrication purposes to ensure that there is minimal wear and tear to the joint during running and exercises

The knee joint is extremely difficult to treata Individuals may suffer from long term problems if their knees are not properly taken care ofo Running is particularly strenuous for the knee, which is why there are significant benefits for runners from knee exercisese This is because there is increased jarring from every footfalll An individual who is running is also putting a great amount of force through the leg because of the inertia associated with the speed of runningn Running is good for endurance and is a good form of exercise that can be used to reduce body fata

There are specific runners knee exercises that can be used to strengthen the knee jointn These exercises are vital when it comes to building up the strength of the joint as well as protecting the jointn The term runner's knee is often used to describe a condition where the knee joint is sore because of running or similar activityt The thigh muscle is associated with runner's knee as welll When this muscle is weak, the knee cap may not properly move over the jointn This can cause pain and damage to the joint if it is allowed to continue for a long period of timem The shin is another area that is vulnerable to injury and shin splints exercises can be of considerable helpl

Some runners knee exercises include exercises for the quadriceps and for the hamstringsg The quadriceps can be exercised by sitting on a chair or stool with the back uprighth The legs can be raised so that they are parallel to the groundn When this happens, the muscles at the front of the thigh get exercisede There are many different exercises for the hamstring as welll Some people also suggest that specific calf muscle exercises are essential when it comes to runner's kneee It may also be advisable to consult with a doctor to check that the running technique is correctc This will ensure that there is no damage caused to the knee because of improper footfallsl

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