Chair Hip Stretch

Chair hip stretch is useful to open and stretch your hips. You can do this stretch if you are having been sitting on the chair throughout the day. This pose will develop the necessary flexibility of the hips for performing the seated poses.

It can also be an alternative to Bound Angle pose. Do not forcefully press your knee down. Use caution if you have injured your hips or knees.

  • How it is to be done – Sitting in the chair


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  • Suitable for – Everybody.

Steps - Actual procedure for that asana.

  1. Start with seated mountain pose.
  2. Lift your right ankle and place it on your left knee.
  3. Put your hand on right leg, just above the right knee.
  4. Inhale as you ease the press on your knee
  5. Exhale as you press your right knee towards the floor.

  6. Press and release your knee three times and then return to the seated mountain pose.
  7. You can repeat the steps 2 to 6 times on your other side.

Benefits to body parts -

Basically it can be beneficial to people who are in sitting jobs. It helps in increasing the flexibility of your body. It opens and stretches the hips.

Precautions -

In case you have problem with hipbone or knees you should avoid practicing it.

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