Yoga to Increase Height

(July 25, 2008)

I'm 18 yrs old girl. Can I increase my height through yoga exercises. If yes how long should I do exercises? Give me some good exercises.

How to Increase Height

It has been reported that through the use of abdominal and back exercises, one's posture can be improved thus making the person appear or look taller. Hence your aim should be to improve your back muscles and correct your overall posture with the help of certain exercises. One such use useful pose also known as the Cobra pose is extremely helpful in strengthening your back and is highly recommended for correcting any kind of walking, standing or sitting slumps. In order to do this particular pose, you must lie down on a light rug with your stomach down to the mat. The arms must be bent in order for the hands to rest just above the shoulders. With the help of the pressure exerted by the hands, the chest and head must be lifted up wards. This particular movement helps in exercising the back muscles in addition to the muscles of the neck and shoulders. The most staple of any form of height exercises are the different types of stretching exercises. Stretching exercises are the best form of workout that will help you to gain a quick correction in posture.

Other forms of yoga postures that are a combination of stretching exercises and yogasanas can also help to properly align and elongate your spinal column in a straight position. One such yogasana is known as the sit and easy position or Sukahasana. This particular position is a beginner's position and helps the individual to focus awareness on the breathing technique, apart from strengthening the lower and middle back and loosening up the groin and the hips. Another useful exercise is the forward bend that helps to stretch the calves, the hamstrings, the Lower body and muscles of the back and neck. The forward bends are known to lengthen the spinal cord thus helping to increase the height. This particular form of exercise must be practiced for more than 10 times during the day.

Also add the Chin-ups and Pull-ups to the other exercises mentioned for added benefit. These exercises help to work on the shoulders as well as on the back and the arms and also on the oblique. It is important to note that you try out the different types of exercises, but practice one type of exercise every alternate day. Each type of exercise must be done every other day, or once every couple of days, depending upon your capacity and strength.


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