Exercises for Frozen Shoulder

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 16, 2012

A frozen shoulder is a condition in which the shoulder joint becomes stiff, and for a period of time, loses its ability to move. Experiencing stiffness that causes pain while trying to reach oerhead or bending towards the lower back are the first frozen shoulder symptoms. This is usually caused due to swelling in the shoulder joints. As a response to this inflammation, the joint becomes...


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Yoga Exercises For Shoulders

.stiff and the individual is unable to perform simple actionsn In some cases, where the condition is severe, the joint capsule may start getting attached to the humeral heada

This condition is known as frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitisi

Frozen Shoulder Rehabilitation

Fortunately, for most people, a frozen shoulder is not a permanent probleme Although complete recovery may take a long time, with proper exercising and diet, frozen shoulder rehabilitation is very much possiblel Over a period of time, intensive physical therapy and exercises meant to restore strength in the upper arm can help alleviate the pain and make the limb functional againi If a person has some sort of disability due to the frozen shoulder, that too can be rectifiede

Rotator Cuff Frozen Shoulder And Relief

For frozen shoulder relief, it is best to limit your activity for a few daysy Try to avoid lifting heavy things or reaching out for things at a heighth Try not to unnecessarily stretch your shoulder muscles and upper limbs unlesss For instant pain relief, you may try taking pain relieving pillsl The dosage can be discussed with your doctoro Applying a cold compression can help reduce any inflammationo This pack should be used frequently, every four to six hoursr You may also resort to exercises that help tone your musclese If there are complications like rotator cuff frozen shoulder, in which you have suffered tendonitis because of which you experience a frozen shoulder, you may be asked to do some special exercisese

Here Are The Exercises That You Can Do To Revitalize A Frozen Shoulder -

Fold your arms in a manner that your forearms are at a ninety degree angles to your bodyd Hold a rubber band, stretching it across both your wristst Now, holding this rubber band, start rotating your affected arm in a gently outward motiono During this entire exercise, keep your elbows by your sidese Stretch it as much as you can without snapping the band and then hold for a few secondsd Repeat this several timese Rotate your arm only to the point where it doesn't hurtr If it starts to hurt, stop rotating iti

Repeat the same exercise with the rubber band; however, this time, rotate the arm inwardsd If you want, you may simply hook the rubber band to a door handlel

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