Yoga Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

If treatment of frozen shoulder is not successful, or if a person cannot tolerate treatment, a shoulder manipulation could be done. Under anesthesia, it might forcibly be put through a range of motion to discharge the scar tissue.

Surgery to get rid of all the sticky scar tissue in the joint is normally performed arthroscopically.A few surgeons might use repetitive pain blocks subsequent to surgery to let the patient painlessly participate.



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.in physical therapy post-surgeryr Complications, in this case, could include pain and persistent stiffness in spite of treatmentn In case of forceful shoulder manipulation as part of surgery, the arm could even breaka

Prevention: The best way for preventing frozen shoulder is to get in touch with a health care provider if you show signs of shoulder pain which limits your range of motion for a long timem This will facilitate early treatment and help avoid stiffness as far as possiblel Diabetics ought to maintain tight control of their blood glucose levelsl In spite of this, they could still have shoulder stiffnesss


  1. Start by sitting in Padmasana
  2. Interlock your fingersr Then stretch your hands vertically above your heada Keep your head bent forward with your chin on your breastbonen

  3. Stretch up your arms as you pull up your shoulder-bladese Your palms must be facing upwardsd
  4. Maintain the pose for a minute or so with deep, slow breathingn Next uncross and recross your legs the other waya Now interlock your fingers and repeat the pose, with your back erectc

Effect of Yoga Therapy For Frozen Shoulder

This Yoga pose prevents and relieves stiffness in the region of your shouldersr It also helps in relieving rheumatic paini Parvatasana also helps free movement and in developing one's chest musclese Your abdominals are sucked in and your chest expands increasing, to a very great extent, your lung capacityt

Frozen Shoulder - Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy for Frozen Shoulder
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