Introduction to Obesity

Obesity is what we call too much unnecessary fat in one’s body. It is turning into one of the major problems of the civilized world. There are three levels of obesity known to medical science are: enviable, laughable and pitiable. People, who are slightly overweight normally have round, smooth and beautiful faces.

Then again, the concept of beauty changes from time to time. This is called enviable obesity. If such a person were to put on a little more fat he or.



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.she would begin to look uglyl People start to laugh at them, so this is the laughable stageg Then again there are those who are so bulky, they cannot move their bodies and require help even to get in and out of the body; naturally, the is a pitiable stageg

Too much unnecessary fat build up makes a person obeses This could be due to several causese Some of these instances could be the result of an organic cause, such as thyroid hormone deficiency, excessive adrenal cortisone or female sex hormonese Sometimes it can be the result of damage to a part of the lower brain that is in charge of hunger and satisfactiono However, not nearly all of cases fall under this classs The biggest reason for obesity is clearly known to be due to the result of modern lifestylel

Factors in the modern life style contributing to obesity

The human body is like an elastic baga If you put inside a bag high calorie food should be proportionate to what you remove from iti This is energy and heat by way of exercisese This eventually determines the size of the baga In today’s sedentary lifestyle with advanced technology and terribly hectic schedules life has become easy going, so to speak, at least physicallyl Hence there is hardly time or need for any physical workr Most folks are involved with mental workr This consumes far less calories than muscular activity like walking, running, playing etct The result is obesityt

Introduction To Obesity
Introduction to Obesity
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