How Stress causes Migraine Headaches

How stress causes migraine headaches has been as subject of raging debate and discussion in the medical fraternity for long. Yoga therapy, just like modern medical science agrees with the findings that migraine is the result of sudden constriction of the blood vessels on the surface of the brain.

It happens under the skull and is followed by sudden expansion. This leads to a throbbing in the region of one half of the head.


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Now migraine headache is revealed to be the result of an imbalance in the chemicals which circulate around these blood vessels just below the region of the skull. At a psychological level the stress that one experiences as excessive activity in the emotional cortex of the brain is responsible for this chemical imbalance. This, in turn, sets in motion constriction of the blood vessels, and is followed by widening or expansion of the blood vessels.

According to the understanding of Yoga therapy Migraine headaches are related to wrong life style. This is supposed to lead to a habit of accelerated activity in the emotional part of the mind. As a result of this, what sets in is a fixed bad habit of feeling stuck in that particular speeded up loop of thoughts. In turn, this brings about an imbalance in the prana which is responsible for harmonious functioning of the whole human organism.

This imbalance can is normally detected as an irregular rate and rhythm of breathing and accelerated heart rate. If that particular lifestyle of speed goes on for long, this pranic imbalance settles down as a newly learnt habit. That is one of creating a chemical imbalance in the brain blood vessels. This, subsequently, results in chronic migraine headaches. Medical science still has no answer as to why this generalized response of stress drops down as a chronic other health problem. All they can say is that, this is hereditary, owing to a family tendency. There are lots of people in a family of migraine sufferers who have to endure severe headaches.

Migraine Headaches And Stress
How Stress causes Migraine Headaches
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