Yoga Therapy for Digestive Disorders - How Emotions Increase Gastritis

Yoga for Digestive Disorders show how emotions increase gastritis and Yoga therapy shows how to deal with them. When a person is emotionally excited, there is intense activity triggered off in the limbic area of the person’s brain. From there are transmitted messages down to hypothalamus.

This is the controller of the stress orchestra. From there the excitation goes down the.



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.sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systeme The parasympathetic system triggers off production of hydrochloric acidi This is done through release of a local hormone from the lower end of your stomachc The parasympathetic system also directly stimulates the acid producing oxyntic cells in the lining of your stomachc

Yoga for Digestive Disorders postulates that the excitement that is transmitted down the sympathetic channel narrows down the blood vessels in the stomach liningn This gives rise to lowered production of both the quantity and quality in mucusu As a result of this lowered blood flow the capability to repair and restore damaged lining cells also gets deceleratede Further, when a person is stressed, it is well known that his or her immune system is incompetent to handle the germs of the regiono This incapacity of the immune system, the white blood corpuscles, in the lining of the stomach to kill the germs gives the germs the upper handn

As a result, they are able to easily penetrate the stomach lining and enjoy their meal from deeper layers of the person’s stomachc

Now you are able to see how each one of the guardians' grows weaker as a result of the old unrestrained emotionsn This is all the result of Stresss All this is basically the result of our life stylel It is the result of the wishy-washy quest for more and more wealth, name, fame or position and status in societyt As a result, over time it further leads to aggressive behavior, drinking, smoking, so on and so fortht Hence, stressfully demanding situations give rise to long standing emotional upsurgese They, in turn, result in an imbalance between aggressors and protectorsr This, subsequently, results in the aggressors getting the upper hand and damaging the stomach liningn

Yoga Therapy For Gastritis
Yoga Therapy for Digestive Disorders - How Emotions Increase Gastritis
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