Steps To Be Followed while Practicing Yoga Therapy for Bronchial Asthma

Yoga therapy for Bronchial Asthma helps correct the problem from its roots. The cure is sought from the innermost layer of the person’s existence.

This is called the Anandamaya Kosa or the causal body – the source of the system. A total healing of all physical disruptions is comes about by rectifying the disruptions in the Pranic (vital energy) emotional and psychological bodies (Pranamaya Kosa, Manomaya Kosa and Vijnanamaya Kosa).


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This amalgamated approach employs a number of processes. The aim is unique: to reach a state of absolute mental silence or equilibrium or deep rest and relaxation.

Yoga therapy for Bronchial Asthma – Yoga chair breathing

Step 1: (Relaxation with a chair as support)

  • Be seated on the floor your legs stretched under a chair. Draw the chair towards your chest and hang on to it with both arms.
  • Stretch, then tighten your whole body from tips of the toes to top of the head.
  • Start by tightening your toes, then your ankle joints, then calf muscles.
  • Draw up your kneecaps, then tighten your thigh and hamstring muscles.
  • Squeeze and tighten your buttocks.
  • Exhale slowly and deeply and suck your abdomen in.
  • Form the fists and tighten the arms.

  • Inhale and swell out your chest.
  • Now tighten your shoulders and neck muscles, then squeeze your facial features
  • Now it’s time to tighten your entire body from your toes to your head.
  • Keep tightening, then suddenly release and relax.
  • Now collapse your whole body and let your legs fall apart.
  • Drop your head and arms on the seat of your chair like you do in Makarasana or just relax your arms forward head on the chair.

Step 2: Relaxing the Neck Muscles with chair support in 3 stages

  • Neck movements – (3 - 4 times)
  • Slowly move your head front and back. Make sure to relax your posterior neck muscles. You may cling to the edge of the chair or just relax your arms forward, with your head on the chair.
  • Neck movements with breathing – (3 - 4 times)
  • Inhale deeply and as slowly as you can, move your head backwards. Now exhale and move your head forward
  • Neck movements with 'Omkara' – (3 - 4 times)
  • Chant 'Omkara' in a low, deep voice as you bend your neck forward and down.
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Yoga Therapy for Bronchial Asthma
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