Causes of Migraine Headache

The causes of migraine headache are many and medical science is still struggling to lay its finger on all of them. All of us have experienced headaches some time or the other in our lifetime. Just imagine how terrible life would be if you had to have headache as a lifelong companion.

Yoga therapy tells us that the common psychosomatic causes of headaches include migraine. They can also come as tension headaches. These are characterized by frequent episodes of headache.


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They occur over a number of years. Migraine headache, in particular, has a typical pattern and periodicity. Normally, migraine headache is a weekend phenomenon, subsequent to hectic weekly duties, just when you want to take rest the headache starts. This subtracts from the whole holiday mood of the family.

Causes of Migraine

Migraine headache is normally caused by physical or mental tension, hot sun, eating fried food, chocolate, and milk products, so on and so forth. Migraine headache is considered a psychosomatic syndrome. Medical science has proven a clear cut chemical imbalance in the lining of the blood vessels on the surface of the brain which carry pure blood to the brain. Migraine headache typically occurs in only a half of the head. It begins with a warning of some form. This takes the form of visual disturbance like blurring vision or visions of irregular circles of light round bright lights.

All this could be terribly irritating.

Migraine headache begins around the region of the eyes and forehead. This, as mentioned above, happens on one side, then spreads to the whole half of the head. The intensity of the pain progressively increases. This makes you unable to function or remain in a well lit room. After a couple hours when the pain reaches its peak, there comes a feeling of nausea. This is usually followed by vomiting and then the decline begins. After the pain has gone, the patient normally ends up feeling exhausted. This is because of the stress of severe pain he / she had to undergo. The sufferer might require another 12 hours of total rest and sleep before being able to function again.

Causes Of Migraine Headache
Causes of Migraine Headache
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