Yoga Therapy for Headaches - Eka Pada Shirsasana

Yoga therapy for headaches is highly successful. There are many and all of them have proven very effective over time.

Here is one more:

Eka Pada Sirshasana

Eka Pada means One Leg. This is a variation of Sirshasana that is done by lowering.



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.a leg to the floor in front of one’s head, with the other leg held vertically upu


  • Remain in Salamba Sirsasana according to your capacityt Then exhale and move your left leg down to the floor in front of your heada
  • While you are lowering your left leg and rests on the floor, you must hold you your right leg vertically up, just like in Sirsasanan
  • At first, you are likely to feel enormous strain in your neckc Your right leg gets dragged down as welll To deal with this, keep your leg and stiff firm at your kneese Now stretch the muscles of both your hamstringsg Likewise, tighten the muscles of the lower part of your abdomene
  • Keep the knees and toes of both your legs in a straight linen

    They should not be tilted sidewaysy
  • Hold the pose for ten to twenty seconds breathing deeplyl Then breathe out and lift your left leg up to Sirshasanan
  • After remaining in Sirshasana for a while, lower your leg to the flooro Then keep it on the floor for the same amount of time, take a deep breath and return to Sirsasanan
  • When lowering and raising your legs, see that they are straighth Never bend them at your knees, because, if you bend your knees you tend to lose balancec

Effects of Eka Pada Sirshasana

This is a tough poses For this reason, it might not be easy for you to touch the floor at firsts Slowly, as your legs become more elastic and your back becomes stronger, your legs will touch and rest on the floor without losing balancec

Yoga Therapy For Headaches
Yoga Therapy for Headaches
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