Yoga and Vertigo

Vertigo is a type of dizziness characterized by a sensation of spinning and Yoga and vertigo are connected today because Yoga postulates a cure. Sometimes is also called hallucination of motion. Just think what it would be like to be suddenly put on a roller coaster which refuses to stop.

Now you will start to understand the disquieting symptoms of vertigo.

People exhibiting symptoms of vertigo must see a doctor right away.



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.by in order to find out the cause of their conditiono If they are unable to get in by appointment, then the should insist on a ride to their local emergency room which is well equipped to carry out the required initial evaluationo They will also provide relief from the unpleasant symptoms, never mind the patient’s ability to paya People exhibiting symptoms of vertigo must also avoid driving or operating machinery until cleared by a physiciana

Vertigo, (also characterized by dizziness or motion sickness) has to do with the sense of balance and equilibriumu Medical researchers refer to this as sense spatial orientation, as it tells the brain where the body is "in spacec” It tells what direction the body is pointing, what direction the body is moving, and if the body is turning or standing stilll

  1. Everybody’s sense of balance is upheld by a complicated interaction of the following parts of the nervous systeme

  2. The inner ears: This is also called the labyrinth that monitors the directions of motion, like turning, or forward-backward, side-to-side, and up-and-down movementst
  3. The eyese They observe where the body is in space (whether upside down, right side up, etct) as well as directions of motiono
  4. The skin: It has pressure receptors like in the joints and spine that tell us what part of one’s body is down or touching the groundn
  5. The central nervous system: This comprises the brain and spinal cord that processes all the bits of information from the 4 other systemsm This goes to make some coordinated sense out of everythingn

The symptoms of Vertigo come when one’s central nervous system gets conflicting messages from the other 4 systemsm

Yoga And Vertigo
Yoga and Vertigo
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