Yoga Therapy For Colds And Allergies

Yoga therapy for colds and allergies has been around for quite some time. And with the"season of colds" and"allergies" in full bloom you must know of a natural Yoga therapy technique which thousands of people have been using and still use to keep their colds, headaches and allergies at bay.

One single technique is known to effectively keep the sniffing, wheezing and sneezing away.

Yoga therapy for colds and allergies is an amazing yoga.



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.cleansing techniqueu It goes by the name"jala neti" or simply"neti"t It is popularly translated as saline nasal irrigation and not just helps keep the sinuses primed up, it even keeps the mind fit and calml This, by the way, is a lesser known aspect of the phenomenal benefits of"jala neti"t

Not only is it"jala neti" the only preventive Yoga therapy technique, but even if the symptoms strike a person, the individual is able to stop them from exploding into a full blown sufferingn

How Jala Neti is done

To do jala neti, you will need a special Neti Poto It has a spout that can be inserted into the nostrilsl This pot is filled with warm and saline water and the spout is then inserted into a nostrili

You adjust the position of your head and pot in such a way that the water flows out through the other nostrili Then you alternate this process is with your other nostril and that's iti The saline water flows out cleansing our nasal passages and linings completelyl After cleansing both nostrils you dry them out with the help of special techniquese

Why is"jala neti" little knownw For one thing, you are left to imagine the loss of revenue to the whole colds and nasal allergy drug market should this modest natural technique become populara Give it a thought and you will know why the drug lobbies will never let it become populara You wouldn't be surprised if you even have them preach to you about the"negative side effects" of this one hundred percent natural, chemical-free techniqueu

Treat Cold Allergies With Yoga
Yoga Therapy for Colds and Allergies
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