Jala Neti Or Water Cleansing

(January 29, 2009)

Benefits of jalneti and where the water goes for the cleansing

Jala Neti means to cleanse with water where Jal means water. This technique is a regular part of the yoga cleansing activities and has safely been practiced for years now. It helps you to cleanse your nostrils with water. it is more commonly done in the morning along with the other cleansing techniques that are a part of the yoga cleansing routine. In case you suffer from cold or sinus you can safely increase the number of times you practice jala neti or water cleansing as it will help to speed up the healing process and will relieve your symptoms sooner. The jala neti or the water cleansing is done using a small pot that looks like a little tea pot. It has a small spout from where the water is to be administered. Jala neti or water cleansing is done as mentioned as below:

You prepare warm water and add some salt to it. Next you fill the jala neti or water cleansing pot with the prepared solution. Then bend slightly and tilt your head to one side. Insert the spout of the neti pot in the other nostril and tilt the pot so the warm saline water flows into one nostril and then flows out from the other. Please do not worry about where the water goes. It does not go flowing inside your body. The warm saline water from the jala neti pot simply flows into one nostril and then passing over the bridge of your nose flows out from the other nostril. Initially it passes by the mid nasal and frontal sinuses. You need to be careful about certain things such as remember to keep your head tilted so the warm saline water flows out through the other nostril easily. And do not try to breathe through your nose, as this will cause the water to go into your mouth and throat. This was the first stage, in the second stage when you practice jala neti the warm saline water would pass through the entire nasal cavity, going down the back of the nasopharynx and coming out through the mouth. In this process it would pass by the postnasal sinuses, thoroughly cleaning all the nasal passages more effectively. Jala neti helps to remove the mucous that is filled with dirt and bacteria, drains the nasal passages, sinus cavities to help fight off infections leading to cold and cough and other allergy related problems of the nose and upper respiratory tract.

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