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(June 14, 2011)

Do you know where I can but made thread or catheters for sutra neti? thank you!

Yoga is a complicated form of exercise that has developed over more than a thousand years to become one of the most comprehensive forms of exercise in the world. Yoga is capable of helping an individual sharpen his or her mental capacity along with various physical benefits. The use of yoga for mental exercise is one aspect where it scores over other forms of exercise, making it tremendously popular across the world. Basic yoga is easy to practice and is mostly made up of various different stretches and poses. However, the practice of yoga is something that an individual performs throughout his or her life. When the student achieves all aspects of basic yoga, he or she will move to more complicated forms of the program.

Sutra neti
is one of the yoga therapies used to cleanse the body. This type of yoga is a part of the Hatha yoga school of yoga. This is one of the oldest and most well respected types of yoga that many people use even today. Sutra neti involves the use of a string to clean the nasal passage. Sutra neti goes further than that and helps to stimulate the nasal passage thus relieving a number of head related problems like sinusitis, congestion, ear congestion, eye pain and headaches. The sutra neti cord or sutra neti thread used needs to be of the right quality to ensure that the procedure is properly performed.
The sutra neti thread is usually made of cotton and coated with beeswax. One can consult with a yoga center to figure out where the right kind of sutra neti string can be purchased. The quality of the string is important from the point of view that it will not cause any pain or damage to the individual. As the nasal area is sensitive, the string should not contain dirt, dust or any allergens. Sutra neti yoga is something that may not be possible for all students of yoga which is why one should be patient if the process does not work in the first instance.

The movement of the string should be absolutely without resistance. If there is any resistance or pain, the individual is doing something wrong with his or her sutra neti procedure. The movement of the string should be smooth and gentle. As the string passes through the nasal cavity it will enter the throat. Here, it should be caught by the fingers and gradually pulled through the mouth. One may also move the string forwards and back to enhance the effect. The string should be washed in warm water immediately after the procedure. The same can be repeated for the other nostril as well.
Jalneti is another practice that is related to the nasal passage. The word ‘jal’ means water. Jalneti involves the movement of water in from one nostril and out from the other. This is the first stage of jalneti. One can also perform jalneti in such a way that water enters through the nostril and exits through the mouth.

The aim of sutra neti yoga and jalneti yoga is to clean the nasal passage and to remove any irritants that might be present there. There are numerous benefits associated with both these processes. Sutra neti and jalneti have been known to help reduce allergies and allergic responses of the body. As the nasal passage gets cleared out, the benefit is improved respiration. The sinus cavities are also often clogged with fluid which gets removed when one practices jalneti or sutra neti. This helps with people who suffer from chronic issues related to their breathing systems. The ear, nose and throat are all connected internally with each other. Sutra neti and jalneti help with this interconnected system. Therefore, people have often reported improved hearing and a reduced feeling of heaviness in their heads. As the eyes are also present in the head, a removal of sinus fluids may help with pain in the eyes. Circulation to the eyes also improves when using such methods of yoga.

As mentioned above, the practice requires the use of a sutra neti thread or of a jalneti pot. The jalneti pot has to have a narrow snout that allows a small amount of water to be poured out. The pot itself should be made of non-toxic metal which can be used repeatedly without any fear of contaminated water entering the system. The pot should also be quite small so that it is easy to hold in one hand, even when it is full of water. Apart from this, there is nothing needed for the practice of jalneti. Some people do this practice in a bathroom while others may use a towel on the floor to collect water that is used.

One important practice that is necessary after jal neti is the removal of remaining water from the nose. This remaining water is drained out by doing a complete forward bend. When bent down, the nostrils should be pointing to the floor. Once this happens, the individual should breathe regularly for a few seconds. Stray water droplets may come out of the nose at this time. After doing this, it is important to stand straight and breathe out rapidly. Some people breathe in with their mouths and breathe out rapidly through their nasal passages. This should remove any residual water in the nose. This practice is of prime importance as it ensures that there is no chance of water remaining in the nasal passages after jal neti.

As one would imagine, jal neti and sutra neti are both advanced practices when it comes to yoga. People who try such advanced forms of yoga must be well experienced in what they are doing and they must have a complete control over their bodies both in terms of flexibility as well as in terms of controlling the breathing patterns of the body. This sort of control is essential, without which the individual will probably end up coughing or choking.

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Sutra Neti - nasal cleansing in yoga

Sutra Neti is the method of nasal cleansing in yoga. Sutra Neti, which is also referred to as kriya or yoga cleaning, is done with the help of a long piece of cord made out of cotton. The cord or the thread is usually around 30 cm in length. In recent times, many people who perform Sutra Neti also use a medical rubber catheter that is easily available in medical stores. In more traditional forms of doing Sutra Neti, the yoga instructor or the trainer provides a long piece of cotton thread which is thick or a cord that has been dipped in beeswax. The thread is inserted through one nostril and removed out from the other. Sutra Neti aids in dislodging harmful dust or dirt from the mucous membranes of the nostrils which is then washed away with salt water. However great care must be taken to administer this technique and only when the individual is well versed with Jal Neti. Many diseases of the nose and the upper respiratory system can be done away with the help of regular use of jal neti and Sutra Neti, as practiced by yogic ascetics over the centuries. Moreover Sutra Neti also helps to stimulate the ear and eye ducts, sinus regions, nasal passages and the mouth.

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