Yoga for Migraine Headaches

Yoga for migraine headaches can be due to several reasons. Tension is one of the reasons for migraine headaches. In Yoga therapy, there are quite a few techniques that can help a person relax.

Rapid breathing practices, like kapalabhatti followed by extremely slow breathing are very good tools for relaxing the whole body in general and the mind in particular. However, the subsequent breathing should be slower than the usual resting breathing rate.


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Chanting 'Mmm' or doing the Brahmari pranayama is also extremely helpful. Do these with both ears shut using the thumb of both your hands. It is also a very useful trick to rest and relax the muscles of the head. These techniques work by slowing down the mind. When you begin to enjoy a deep internal massage though the resonance of sound in your whole head, you will start to feel the tension release.

Today I had one full hour of freedom from my headache. I can make out how my practices are helping me release the tension. As the days went by, her pain vanished completely with regular practice of headache special techniques, one hour daily for about 3 to 4 months. This gave her so much of confidence that she is now a trained yoga therapist helping many persons with various stress related health problems.

A lady who complained of constant tension head aches of 4 - 5 yrs started with these practices.

This is also what we call the integrated approach of yoga therapy. A week later, she is said to have exclaimed, 'Oh! Last week I was feeling terrible and my entire problem was because I was too tense. I realized it was all inside me! In fact I now realize how much I was putting inside myself and trying and trying to put up with my own demands. I now feel a lot more relaxed than before. I am able to give rather than demand'.

This is what taught her. She became much calmer inside, less demanding, hardly irritated by situations and above all, she now enjoys the freedom from headache which ws something long forgotten.

Yoga For Migraines
Yoga for Migraine Headaches - Tension
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