Yoga for headache

(July 25, 2008)

I am 16 years old. I have headache problem. By what ways can I reduce my headache? Tell me some tips with regard to yoga so that I can follow it.

When experiencing a headache, certain forms of yogasanas and in particular Pranayama are helpful postures in relieving headaches. It is important to practice yoga in a calm and composed environment with dim lights. Always remember to conclude your yoga session with shavasana with the help of an eye pillow or a small piece of clean cloth over the eyes. Before you initiate the corpse pose, get started on the Dirga Pranayama which involves Oslo and deep breathing technique that arises from the stomach and the chest. It is important that you understand and examined the reasons for recurrent headaches. You will need to speak your doctor if you are experiencing more than the headaches per week, or if the headache does not go away even after two or three days. Yoga can help to deal and control headaches related to migraines or cluster headaches, but more importantly you will need to get the recommendation and approval of your doctor. A number of yogasanas help to release the tension and the stress in the neck and shoulders, while encouraging blood circulation to their head and stimulating the nervous system.  This can help in relieving headaches. In a majority of cases, headaches are the result of mental trauma such as depression and acute stress. Due to major imbalances, the brain is deprived of oxygen and the requisite amount of blood. Due to the lack of oxygen and blood in the head, the muscles then to contract and the consequent results take place in the form of a headache.
Deep breathing techniques as well as mental relaxation are known to be effective steps in curbing the occurrence of headaches. Important yogasanas for relieving headache are the easy yoga posture, the downward facing dog position, the Cobra pose, the seated forward bend, the knee press, the reclining posture etc. One of the most easiest and common practices of yogasanas is the easy yoga posture which helps in straightening the spine, regulating the metabolic rate and keeping the mindset is. The shoulder stretch as well as the spinal twist are other forms of yogasanas and are important in containing headaches and relieving them. Other useful poses include the cow and cat position, the bridge pose, the reclining twist, the child's pose, the corpse position and the pose that involves the movement of the legs up the wall. All these yogasanas are simple and safe and can be done during the day; especially in the mornings on an empty stomach.  The daily practice of the above-mentioned yogasanas will greatly help in reducing the occurrence of headaches and neck pain.

Submitted by C D on July 25, 2008 at 05:34

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