Yoga for preeclampsia

(September 12, 2011)

In my last pregnancy I had preeclampsia. I am pregnant again, and scared to get it again. Is there an exercise for preeclampsia?

What Risks Come With Preeclampsia In Pregnancy?

Preeclampsia is a condition where the baby’s life is endangered because the mother’s-to-be blood pressure rises. This rise in blood pressure can lead to excess of protein in the urine. This condition can affect organ development and life of the unborn baby.
This condition affects about five percent of pregnant women. It can happen anytime after week 20 of the pregnancy. Once you get symptoms of preeclampsia, delivering the baby is the only solution. The more severe the condition or the earlier it appears, the worse it can be for the baby. Most mothers develop it closer to the due date but care can be taken.

Preeclampsia risks include less blood flow to the uterus. This happens due to high blood pressure. This could lead to different problems with the baby including preterm birth and underdeveloped organs. In the pregnant woman, symptoms of preeclampsia can also lead to damage in the liver, kidneys and even the brain.

High body fat and poor nutrition during pregnancy is suspected of being primary causes of preeclampsia. Eating a balanced diet and remaining calm and anxiety-free through the course of your pregnancy is also important. Carrying more than one baby or having diabetes can also lead to preeclampsia.

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What Is The Best Diet For Preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia is a condition that threatens the unborn baby by cutting its oxygen supply. This happens when the mother’s-to-be blood pressure goes up, causing an increase in the protein the urine. The only way to prevent this from happening is remain calm and relaxed, control your weight through the pregnancy and of course, follow a preeclampsia diet.

A preeclampsia diet is largely a balanced diet. Pregnant women need to eat good, healthy food which is also nutrition for the baby. So it’s not just about eating right but also eating the right quantity. Protein is an important part of a pregnancy diet. Lean amounts of protein are important and should be about 80 to 100 grams of your daily diet. Your sources of protein include lean meat, fish, dairy including cheese, brewers’ yeast and wheat germ. You also need to increase your calcium intake. Along with increased dairy ingestion, you should also take calcium supplements. You need to check this with your doctor.

There aren’t too many preeclampsia diet restrictions. One of it is eating less salt, especially table salt. You can sprinkle sea salt but avoid sprinkling table salt over food. If you are prone to high blood pressure, excess salt consumption is best avoided.


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Which Yoga Asanas Are To Get Rid Of Preeclampsia In Pregnancy

Preeclampsia means endangering the child in your womb due to reduced oxygen supply. The oxygen supply is reduced because the mother has high blood pressure which also results in high protein content in the urine.

This condition can be risky for the baby and it cannot be undone. While it can be prevented with vitamins and other remedies, there is no guarantee. You can try a yoga routine for preeclampsia as keeping your indicators under control can really help.

Yoga will help keep the mother-to-be calm. Doing regular breathing exercises keeps the blood pressure in check.  The pregnant mother can also do gentle, simple exercises instead of complicated poses in order to not aggravate the body. Doing a gentle yoga routine, eating correctly and keeping all doctors’ appointments can be very beneficial for a pregnant woman.

Yoga will not get rid of preeclampsia if the pregnant woman shows signs of it. But following all the principles of yoga might help keep it at bay. Yoga encourages balancing all the energy cycles in the body. This helps keep the blood pressure at bay which is the reason you can start to show signs of preeclampsia. There are even prenatal vitamins that have been known to help.

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How To Prevent Preeclampsia

Pregnancy and preeclampsia are often mentioned together. Preeclampsia is a condition that happens in pregnant women where increase in blood pressure and protein in the mother’s urine (kidney function) can cause preeclampsia. There is no definite cause that causes it and cannot really be stopped. Women who have chronic high blood pressure problems tend to be more susceptible to it. Symptoms include headache, nausea and dizziness along with a rapid heartbeat. Preeclampsia reduces the oxygen to the baby, endangering the baby. The only solution then is to deliver the baby. But as preeclampsia can happen anytime after the 20th week, it can be risky for the baby.

There are ways to prevent preeclampsia but none of them involve medications. These ways are largely preventive and informative. It is important to maintain your weight before your pregnancy and keep a check on weight gain during pregnancy. Make sure all your vitals are also continually checked. Prenatal vitamins and calcium are also very important during a pregnancy. Proper vitamins during conception can also reduce the chances of preeclampsia. There is no asana or pose in yoga that can prevent preeclampsia. Breathing exercises or pranayama have been known to calm pregnant women and reduce their chances of preeclampsia.

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Dear friend,

I am a Ph.D. student in yoga therapy. I am doing my thesis on the effects of yoga on preeclampsia.

Based on my research so far, you have a high probability of developing preeclampsia in this pregnancy since you have had a history of it.

It is hard to give you advise since I don't know much about your physical conditions: weight, age, and other illnesses that you may be suffering.

However, if you are familiar with yoga, you should do any practice that reduces stress. Try to do simple breathing exercises; such as alternate nostral breathing. Seat in meditation and observe your breath going in and out. Anytime your mind wonders off, bring it back to your breath again and again.

No need to do strenious practices; simple and gentle postures are more effective.

Avoid canned, frozen, or foods with preservatives as they increase oxidative stress in your body. Take foods that are reach in anti-oxidants.

I wish I could help you more but it is difficult without additional information.

My prayers are with you.


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Just because you had preeclampsia in your last pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to suffer again. In any case try these links and you are bound to find some very helpful information for pregnant women.


I’m sure they can help ward off many possibilities of pregnancy problems.

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