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(June 15, 2011)

Hi, I am in my 2nd trimester of my pregnancy. My question is, in specific, which poses am I allowed to do meanwhile. thanks

Yoga during pregnancy second trimester:
It is helpful to practice yoga while pregnant as it helps the mother to be to remain in good condition before the birth and is of benefit during childbirth as well. Yoga helps women to remain fit during their pregnancies and also helps to combat stress, fatigue, cramps, weight gain, mood swings and other such conditions. Yoga that is practiced during pregnancy should involve simple asanas (postures) which are do not over stretch the muscles and ligaments. Yoga during pregnancy second trimester may involve eliminating poses that put you at risk of falling. Do keep in mind that your sense of balance may be a little off during your pregnancy.

Yoga exercises during pregnancy:
There could be many questions that would arise when one is pregnant and one such question would be is it safe to do yoga exercises during pregnancy? Yes, it is but you will have to take some precautions. For instance, if you are attending a regular yoga class instead of one that is only for pregnant women, do inform the instructor that you are pregnant as also mention the period that you have been pregnant for. Also let him/her know which trimester you are in. Do not attempt any poses from Bikram yoga as research has shown that such yoga could endanger the fetus. Most importantly, at all times, listen to your body. Stop practicing yoga if you feel any discomfort. As your body changes, you will have to modify each pose.

Yoga during pregnancy third trimester:
Yoga during pregnancy and particularly in the third trimester may become a little difficult. As your belly continues to grow, you will also feel more tired too. Do not push yourself on the poses in this third trimester. Avoid any poses that compress your belly. Some recommended poses for this final trimester of pregnancy include Eka Pada Kapotasana (Pigeon Pose), Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), Agnistambhasana (Knee to Ankle Pose) among others. These poses are recommended for loosening up the hips. In this trimester, avoid doing any poses that involve, abdomen stretches, deep back bends, or jumping.

Yoga pregnancy second trimester:
If you have never practiced yoga before, the second trimester is the ideal time to start. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any yoga routine, though. Also ensure that you sign up with a trained yoga instructor or even join a class that is especially conducted for pregnant women. Joining a yoga class has other benefits as well. You will get to interact with other women who are expecting and this can be a good source of information and support. Prenatal Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) exercises are recommended during this second trimester of the pregnancy. Other exercises which you can practice at this time are Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II), Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) and such other poses as mentioned by your yoga instructor.

Yoga second trimester pregnancy:
As mentioned earlier, yoga is beneficial for both mother and child during pregnancy. However, the right kind of yoga should be practiced during each of the three trimesters in pregnancy. Practicing yoga during second trimester pregnancy is considered safe as long as you do not exert yourself. Avoid any strenuous and vigorous exercises as these will slow down the flow of oxygen to the fetus. Some specific yoga asanas for this period in the pregnancy include Marjari asana (Cat Stretch Pose), Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Hasta Uthanasana (Raised Arms Pose) and Meru Akarshanasana (Spinal Bending Pose).

Yoga during second trimester:
Studies have shown that the practice of yoga during pregnancy is extremely good for both the expectant mother and the unborn child. However, practicing yoga during the second trimester of pregnancy can be a little daunting. After all, you are now fast approaching the stage where you are growing bigger day by day. Yet, you are also aware of the importance of exercise while you are pregnant. The key is to find a balance between the two and this is where yoga can help. Begin with some basic warm up aerobic exercises. This could include squats, one leg balances; gentle side bends and other mild forms of exercises. You may have difficulty practicing the Sun Salutation during this trimester due to the fact that your belly is getting in the way!

Yoga during pregnancy:
You can start practicing yoga from the first trimester of your pregnancy. During this trimester poses like Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and Trikoasana (Triangle Pose), Purna Titali Asana (Full Butterfly Pose), Ardha Titali Asan also known as the Half Butterfly pose, Supta UdarakarshanAsan or the Sleeping Abdominal Stretch Pose, Chakki Chalan Asan, that is the Churning the Mill Pose, Kashta Takshan Asan known as the Chopping Wood Pose, Kandharasan (Shoulder Pose), and Virasana (The Hero Pose) are recommended. Certain breathing exercises that help at this time are Kalpalbhati and Anuloma Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing). Remember that pre natal yoga is a great way to stay healthy and flexible but you must make sure that you are doing the above mentioned exercises in the correct way. You can also watch yoga exercise videos online to see how some of the poses are performed.

Prenatal yoga:
Perhaps the best way to keep yourself physically and mentally fit during pregnancy is by practicing yoga. Prenatal yoga poses offer a variety of benefits for pregnant women. Some of these include improving blood circulation, enhancing the flexibility of the expectant mother, and relieving stress as well. Prenatal yoga also increases the amount of oxygen in the body which is advantageous for both the mother and the child. Apart from this, prenatal yoga helps pregnant women to prepare their bodies for labor. If you wish to see what prenatal yoga entails, you can rent a DVD which will show you the different postures to practice during pregnancy.

Pregnancy yoga:
One of the benefits of pregnancy yoga is that it can help a pregnant woman to have a normal delivery. This is due to the fact that the yoga exercises can help the labor process to go as smoothly as possible. The above mentioned exercises if practiced regularly throughout one’s pregnancy can help prepare the body for labor and delivery. They also help the mother in recovering once the baby has been born. Yoga helps an expectant mother to relax and more importantly, improves her flexibility as well. The yoga positions mentioned earlier specifically work on those parts of the body which will be used in labor and delivery. Keep these tips in mind when you are deciding on the form of exercise you will use while pregnant.

Yoga pregnancy:
It is important for a mother to be as active as possible during her pregnancy. Unless, otherwise advised by her doctor. By doing this, she will ensure that she has a healthy baby and is likely to remain healthy herself, throughout her pregnancy. Yoga classes during pregnancy are recommended as yoga has an impact on both the spiritual, mental and emotional health of a person. It helps to calm and relax a person and this aspect of yoga is even more essential during pregnancy. Do keep in mind however, that as the pregnancy advances, certain modifications will be made to the various exercises to be performed.

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There are special asanas that are recommended during pregnancy. It would be great if you can join a prenatal yoga class. It will help you practice the special yoga asanas or postures safely and correctly under the guidance of a well qualified instructor and it will also help you to connect with other pregnant women. Your second trimester is a great time to start doing yoga. It is beneficial for both you and the baby. You can safely start by practicing Dhyana or meditation daily for about 20 minutes to half an hour. You can also use some music that is specially designed for meditation. This will help a lot to ease the stress and will make you feel relaxed, calm and peaceful.

You can do the following asanas or postures during your second trimester:


  • Matsyakridaasana | Flapping Fish Pose - This helps in good digestion and helps to relax your legs and also helps to distribute the weight evenly around the waist. This also helps to relieve the strain on your back.
  • Vajraasana | Diamond | Thunderbolt Pose – This can be done immediately after meals and improves digestion. It helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles for labor.
  • Bhadraasana | Gracious Pose – It makes the pelvic muscles strong and thus helps with labor.
  • Marjariasana | Cat Stretch Pose – It makes your spine shoulders and neck more flexible. You can safely practice it for first six months.
  • Hasta Utthanaasana | Hand-raising Pose – This asana or posture helps to ease the strain from your back and shoulders.
  • Tadaasana | Mountain Pose – This asana or posture helps to exercise and stretch your spine.
  • Kati Chakraasana | Waist Rotating Pose – This asana or posture exercises your hips, waist and back
  • Utthanaasana | Squat and Rise Pose – This asana or posture helps to strengthen the muscles of your ankles, thighs, uterus and back.
  • Meru Akarshana asana | Spinal Bending Pose – This asana or pose helps to strengthen your abdomen, inner thighs and hamstrings.
  • Trikonaasana | Triangle pose – This asana or posture helps to stretch your spine and also improves your concentration and balance.
  • Ardha Chandraasana | Half Moon Pose - This asana or posture helps to strengthen your waist, back, chest and abdomen.
  • Baddha Konaasana | Restrained Angle Pose – This helps to improve your blood circulation and also stimulates your reproductive system.

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