Yoga during Pregnancy

(August 18, 2008)

How to reduce weight and which yoga exercises can be done during 1st month of pregnancy?

A person is said to be overweight if the body mass index is more than 25 and obese if the body mass index is 30 or more than 30. If an overweight individual becomes pregnant, then there is nothing to panic. Over weight women should gain 15 to 25 pounds by the end of the pregnancy. Pregnancy is definitely not the period for weight reduction or weight loss. It is dangerous to reduce the food intake as it can be harmful to the mother and the developing fetus. In the first trimester, there is some loss of weight due to morning sickness. Nausea during the first trimester can reduce the appetite and vomiting can cause loss of calories. Have a nutritious meal with all the nutrients present in right amount. Avoid junk food, alcohol or smoking. Increase the frequency of the meal. Have your food in a gap of 2 hours. Drink an adequate amount of water.

Yoga during pregnancy can be beneficial as it can help the women to remain active, experience smooth and hassle free pregnancy, easy delivery or child birth and gain proper body shape after delivery.

There are various yoga exercises for each trimester. It is very essential to consult a doctor before carrying out these exercises. Yoga exercises need to be done under the constant supervision of an expert and all precautions necessary for pregnancy need to be taken

Yoga for the first trimester:

Ardha titali Asana (Half butterfly pose): Keep both the legs outstretched. Bend the right leg and place the right foot up on the left thigh as far as possible. Place the right hand on the right knee. Hold the toe of the right leg with the left hand. Inhale and let the right knee touch the chest. Exhale and bring the knee down so that it touches the ground. Repeat this with the left leg also.

Yoga for second trimester

Hastha Utthanasana (Hand raising pose): Stand with feet together and arms placed on the sides. Cross your hands in front of you. Inhale and raise the arms with hands crossed above the head. Bend the head slightly backward. Exhale and lower the arms to the sides. Again inhale and recross your hands and raise it above your head. Exhale and lower the arms. Thus repeat this sequence a number of times.

Yoga for third trimester

Supta Udarakarshanasana (Lying abdominal twist): Lie down on your back. Place the hands with fingers of both the hands interlocked beneath the head. Bend your knees and keep the soles of the feet on the ground. Exhale and lower the legs towards right side and let the head move towards left side. Repeat this sequence on other side with lowering of the legs towards left side and moving the head towards right side.

All these exercises need to be done slowly. Do these exercises if you find it comfortable and do not strain yourself.

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