Tips on Exercising During Pregnancy

Losing Weight During Pregnancy

While losing weight during pregnancy is not really safe, research has shown that women who maintain or lose weight through exercise have fewer complications in their pregnancies. Obese women have been known to give birth to children with birth defects.

Exercise helps in preventing excessive weight gain.



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Exercising Heart Rate During Pregnancy

Precautions must be taken if you exercise while pregnant. Do check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. It is important to monitor your heart rate and ensure that it is at the best possible target rate, while exercising. Calculate your heart rate by subtracting your age from 220 and multiplying it by .085(if you were very fit before your pregnancy) or .075(if you were averagely fit) or by .06(if you are overweight or just starting to exercise).

Exercising During First Trimester

Pregnancy exercises strengthen the muscles and help you to prepare for childbirth. Cardiovascular exercises like walking and swimming are ideal. Dancing, aerobics, yoga, weight training and stretching exercises are beneficial too. Avoid strenuous exercises or activities at this time. You can exercise up to three to four times a week, during your first trimester. This is if your doctor has given you the green signal to do so. Brisk walking, swimming, kegel exercises, meditative techniques from kundalini yoga or iyengar yoga are good too. Stop exercising immediately if you feel over tired or dizzy or have vaginal bleeding. Do not strain yourself at any given time.

Weight Lifting During Pregnancy

Most pregnant women can safely lift light to moderate weights during their pregnancy. Weight lifting during pregnancy is not recommended for women who have been advised pelvic or bed rest. Heavy weight lifting is taboo. Avoid free weights and use resistance bands instead. If you are in the second trimester refrain from lifting weights while lying on your back or while standing. Sit down and lift the weights instead. A gentle weight lifting routine helps to build strength and tone the muscles too.

Running During Pregnancy

Running during pregnancy is alright as long as you do not over exert yourself. However, it is better to do more gentle exercises and thus avoid putting strain on your joints.

Obesity During Pregnancy

Obesity during pregnancy is not recommended as research has shown that obese women face complications such as hypertension, pre term births, gestational diabetes and sleep apnea.

Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

Make sure you increase your intake of minerals, vitamins, calories and protein at this time. However, refrain from eating too much as you only need about 300 calories more a day when you are expecting. Eating healthy during pregnancy is most essential and vital for both you and your baby.

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