Yoga exercises to get rid of a flat butt

High on a woman's list of "I wish I had a…" is a round and shapely derriere. Apart from shapely arms, toned legs and flat abs, women are ready to work hard for a butt that is fuller and shapelier.

If you are stuck with a flat behind, don’t fear. While a round butt is usually hereditary, with a combination of cardiovascular exercises and some yoga strength training moves, you too can sport a booty like Beyoncé.


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Remember to combine any exercise routine with at least three sessions of cardio every week. The best cardio to shape your behind is running or walking up hills. Incline walking on an elliptical, biking or hiking outdoors are also great alternatives. To really up the ante, include one or two interval training sessions. By switching between low impact and high impact cardio activity, you end up burning more calories and improving your overall heat rate more effectively. In addition, try the following yoga strength moves to shape and build up your glutes:

  • Step Ups – Walk up the stairs or simply use a stable chair and step on and off it for 15 to 20 reps. Switch legs and repeat.
  • Plié Squats – Take a note from ballet class and try a plie squat to really work your behind. Place your legs hip distance apart and turn your toes outwards. Squat down until the knees are over the toes and return to standing position. This exercise really tones your quads, hamstrings and butt.
  • Dumbbell Squats - If you add a pair of handheld weights that you raise above your head as you squat, you can work your entire body in one simple move.
  • Booty Lunge with Ball – You may hate lunges but they are one of the best exercises for your butt and legs. To add some variety to your routine use a Swiss exercise ball while you perform your lunges. Place your back foot on the ball and balance carefully with your front knee forward.

    This also helps work your abs and builds a stronger core.
  • Walking Lunges – Use the entire room and walk / lunge across it. Be careful not to move too fast or you risk damaging your knee or losing your balance.
  • Superman Booty Lifts – The Superman pose is a classic pose that targets your butt, hips and legs. Add resistance to the move by pressing an exercise ball between your lower legs as you lift.
  • Hip Extensions – The gluteus maximus or your butt muscle is the main hip extensor muscle in the body. When you move your hips backwards, you tone and strengthen the gluteus maximus to the best effect. This move can be done lying down, standing up or even kneeling on all fours. There are alos machines such as the lever lying hip extension machine that targets the muscles concerned and holds your body in the correct position for the exercise. Such isolation exercises allow you to work one side at a time and really concentrate your efforts for the best results.

Most exercises for a rounder butt can be done at a gym or even at home. Keep in mind that while exercise is an important factor in building up muscle and toning the body, a clean low-fat diet is equally important. Include more fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily diet along with whole grains, healthy fats and protein. Crash dieting or starving will get you nothing besides saggy skin and exhaustion. Follow this plan and a few months of concentrated effort and determination will see you sporting a shapelier behind for sure.

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