Holistic Arm Exercises For Women

Strengthening the arms, is just as important for women as toning up the legs. In fact toning up the arms is highly coveted in women’s fitness, and arm exercises for women play just as prominent a role as exercising the abdominal muscles.

If you want to achieve toned arm muscles, arm exercises with weights can help in playing a huge role in muscle toning. Not only do arm exercises help in building the actual muscles.



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.but also helps in speeding up the weight loss process for faster toningn However if you are looking at toning your muscles, you must remember a few points:

  • Resistance training or weight training is absolutely essential in building muscles
  • It is important to lose the fat that is covering the muscle
  • Cardiovascular exercises and a healthy low-fat diet are extremely crucial
  • Doing the right exercises are as important as doing the exercises in the right manner

Forearm exercises for women with the help of weights can also help to build muscle and slowly eliminate the fat enveloping the musclel Most women are afraid that weight training exercises or arm exercises with weights may cause them to look and feel bulky, but this fear is not justified as women do not possess the required testosterone to get as muscular as mene Flabby arm exercises for women with heavy weights is a must to reduce the flabbiness, as heavy weights stress your muscles and build up the metabolism which in turn causes more fat to be burnt, thus achieving overall toned armsm

Ensure that you have free weights such as barbells or dumbbells while working out at homem Some simple exercises that must be part of a daily workout for toned arm muscles include:

  • Arm toning exercises for women or bar bell curls: Stand upright, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bentn Hold a dumbbell shoulder-width apartr Lift the dumbbell, with your elbows locked firmly to a position on either sided Using your biceps, lift the weight to your chests Lower the dumbbell slowly without having to move your elbowsw

  • Forearm exercises for women or alternate dumbbell curl - Stand upright, with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bentn Hold two barbells on either sided Strain your bicep and curl one barbell and turn it around in such a manner that when it reaches the top position near the shoulder, your palm must be facing your shouldere As you bring down the barbell to its original position, take the same steps with the opposite armr
  • Ab exercises for women or bench press - Lie down on a bench and grab a medium to heavy dumb bell, slightly lesser than shoulder width gripi Gently bring down the dumbbell till your lower ribsb Push up the weight with the help of your triceps and bring it down to the same positiono Do not allow it to rest on your chest; rather push it upwards with forcec Doing so does not allow your chest to bear the weight, as it is being liftede
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