hi i m priya from raipur. please tell me the exercises to reduce my weight &my stomach, thighs, &hips every thing should be in shape. my height is 5 feet &weight is 50 kgs. -pls mail me as soon as possible with video cliping , thanks

(June 15, 2011)

Why do we gain weight on our belly?
 Main reasons for an expanding waistline is the wrong kind of diet, a sedentary lifestyle, age, hormonal factors, genetic factors, health complications, alcohol intake, stress and depression. Many people wanting to lose weight have a singular concern, how do I make by stomach flat? There are exercises to reduce stomach size. However, it is pointless focusing on your tummy alone and ignoring other body parts. For an exercise to reduce stomach to be effective, it is important to combine it with a holistic workout program that targets all body parts as there is no such a thing as on the spot fat reduction. Doing a lot exercises to reduce belly fat and on the other hand, not giving adequate enough exercise for your limbs and back will do you no good.

Exercises to reduce stomach fat must be incorporated into a workout schedule. Whatever kind of weight loss program one embarks upon, he or she must consult a doctor and get a complete health check up done before doing so. Once he gets the go ahead from his doctor, the appropriate fitness can be chosen. Cardiovascular exercises are a good form of exercise for reducing the stomach. Walking, jogging and running are quite helpful if you want to trim your waistline. Not only do these activities help you battle the bulge around the belly, but also help burn calories, boost blood circulation and increase metabolism levels. They also make you feel energized. Swimming is another exercise to reduce stomach fat. It works all the muscles of the body including the abdominal muscles. All styles of swimming are beneficial to get you that stomach you always wanted. Aerobics and machine workouts are also very popular. Cycling is also a great exercise to reduce tummy and hips.

The most common exercise to reduce tummy recommended by almost all fitness experts is the abdominal crunch. This exercise directly targets the stomach muscles. To do the abdominal crunch, lie down on your back. Bend your legs such that your knees are not too wide apart and your feet are placed firmly on the floor. Place your hands behind on head or neck. Keep your chin straight up; do not let the chin touch your neck and lift your torso up towards the ceiling and come down slowly. While doing crunches, exert pressure on your stomach while breathing deeply. This is the most popular exercise to reduce tummy size.

Other exercises to reduce tummy fat include hanging leg raises, flutter kicks, oblique crunches, side bends, planks and jack knife sit-ups. These exercises can also be done at home. Exercises to reduce tummy at home must be done regularly, at least thrice a week. However, care must be taken to ensure that you do not injure yourself or overstrain your abdominal muscles. More so, it is important to give a break to your stomach muscles. Therefore exercises to reduce stomach flab must not be done every day as these muscles need time to recover and recuperate from the wear and tear and rebuild themselves.
Exercises to reduce stomach fat for men and women are essentially the same. However, depending upon the requirements, the fitness levels of each person, the exercises can be varied. Yoga is good form of exercise to reduce stomach size. Yoga asanas or postures targeting the abdominal muscles can be very beneficial if done on a regular basis. Asanas such as the Dhanurasan or the bow pose, Bhujangasan or the Cobra pose, Pavan Mukstasan or the wind relieving pose and the paad paschimottanasan or the seated forward bend pose are some of the common postures that attack the zone around your tummy. The Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation is another yoga exercise. This exercise is a set of different yoga postures blended into one free flowing exercise. Apart from doing good to your belly, it does a whole deal of good for the entire body. Done in the morning it energizes you for the whole day and done in the evening, it helps the body calm down.

For women who have gone through childbirth, losing all that belly fat may be quite a difficult task. However, exercises to reduce tummy after delivery do exist. However, it is important for the mother to consult her doctor before she can start working on reducing her belly fat. It is important that she start slowly and gradually up the intensity of the exercises and increase the number of repetitions.

Not only is a flatter belly better looking, it is also important for health. Having a large belly can be quite dangerous to health. It increases the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, type II diabetes, colon cancer and high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Having a slight belly bulge is not a cause for concern. Being overly obsessed with one’s weight and body is not healthy. There is a difference between being fitness conscious and fitness obsessed. Sometimes, it is observed that even very thin people or people with a normal weight and Body Mass Index levels have excess belly. This is common in people who follow a strict diet, but do not have sufficient physical activity or do not exercise. However when belly fat is in excess that measures should be taken to bring it down. The Waist to Hip Ratio or WHR is one measure to gauge the level of belly fat. The circumferences of the waist and hips are measured. The measure of the waist is divided by that of the hip and the number obtained is your waist to hip ratio. In women a WHR of 0.7 is considered healthy and in men a WHR 0.9 is a sign of good health.

A well-balanced diet, good lifestyle habits such as minimal intake of alcohol, giving up smoking, drinking plenty of fluids, engaging in physical activities such as a sport or a form of exercise, learning to relax and avoiding stress, all these go hand in hand to be able to enjoy good health and general well-being.

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