Most Effective Abdominal Exercises

Washboard abs are something that most of us would love to have, but few manage to achieve. However, it is not impossible to get that flat stomach that you so desire.

Do keep in mind that if you want those six-pack abs, simply performing numerous crunches are not enough. In addition to strengthening your core muscles, you also have to strip the fat from your abdominal area so that these muscles show through.



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.The best abdominal exercises are those that combine core strengthening exercises and cardiovascular exercisese

An ab bicycle exercise is one of the most popular methods of strengthening the abdomene This exercise is also one of the best lower abdominal exercises, helping you to tone the muscles in the lower parts of the abdomenm To do the bicycle exercise properly, first lie down on the floor, lacing your fingers together underneath your heada Lower your knees, brining them closer to your chests Now without pulling on your neck, lift up your shoulder bladese Now move your legs in a pedaling motion and continue pedaling for about 5-7 minutese As you progress through your routine, you can keep increasing the duration for which you pedala

Another effective abdominal exercise is the captain's chair leg raises You can also try using an exercise ball to strengthen your abdomene While you are working on your core and trying to strengthen it, it is a good idea to try out some oblique exercises tooo Captain's chair leg raises can also help you strengthen your obliquese

However, for this exercise, you will need a special captain's chair which is padded from the inside and has a rackc It seats you at a height, allowing your legs to hang freee This chair is used as a part of essential gym equipment and therefore can be seen in almost all leading gyms and health clubsb

While using the captain's chair, it is important not to swing your legsg Also, always keep your knees bent while doing this exercises Your trainer will tell you how to use the chair and how many repetitions you should performr

For a complete workout, you can also include some exercises for your bicepsp The standing barbell curl is one of the best bicep exercisese This is a compound exercise that helps to not to tone and strengthen the biceps, but also the forearms and the shouldersr

Another great way to strengthen your core and get those flat abs is by performing yoga or Pilatese Both these forms of exercise lay a lot of emphasis on strengthening the core musclese You'll be amazed at the workout your abs get by just sitting and performing some simple yoga deep breathing exercisesa

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