Best Back Pain Exercises

Back pain is almost always associated with weak muscles. Since the spine is supported by the muscles in the back, abdomen and the shoulders, a weakness in any of these parts of the body can cause soreness and pain in the back region.

It is because of this reason that the muscles in the back, abdomen and the buttocks are known as the core muscles of the body – they give the body its full structure, allowing the body to stand erect.


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These muscles also have to constantly fight gravity because of which it is easier for them to wear down. Since these muscles are the main defense against the continuing force of gravity that brings them down, it is more important to strengthen them. When these muscles are strengthened, they can prevent back pain and eliminate back pain if it has already developed.

Lower back pain is more common and therefore it is recommended that low back pain exercises, which aim to strengthen the abdominal muscles, be performed on a regular basis. You can use leg raises and crunches to strengthen your buttocks and the abdominal area. Both of these also serve as middle back pain exercises.

When your muscles are shortened, they can often cause pain in the entire back. Your upper back pain exercises focus on strengthening and stretching of these muscles. When these muscles are thus stretched, they become more flexible and resilient to
everyday wear and tear.

Stretching can also help realign the spine, increasing the mobility of the joints in the spinal column.

These muscles can also be strengthened by maintaining a proper posture. This in turn prevents heavy strain on the back muscles.
Some of the effective lower back pain exercises are the pelvic tilt which stretches the lower back, knee to chest exercise which stretches the entire spine, piriformis stretch, which again stretches the entire back is one of the best mid back pain exercises and
a basic twist which stretches the lower back and the buttocks.

For keeping your back healthy and strong, perform a few stretching exercises everyday and follow them up with specific back exercises. However, if you experience pain while performing a specific exercise, it is best to stop, you may be performing the
exercise incorrectly.

It is also useful to note that none of these exercises will be able to give you instant results. You may have to wait for a few weeks before your body actually begins to realize the results of these exercises.

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