Muscular Strength Exercises

Muscular strength training or exercises are always recommended as an excellent complement to cardiovascular fitness exercises for those looking to lose weight. Muscular power exercises are also effective to deal with problems of the back arising out of poor posture.

Those taking up muscular strength training should be careful to use the right amount of weights and should always pay attention to any recurring pains or.



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.weird sensations experienced during or post exercises to avoid injuring oneselfl

Muscular endurance is an essential part of ones physical fitness and it basically refers to the ability or the power of a group of muscles to retain themselves for long periods of time when they are in a contracted statet Muscular endurance exercises enable a person to fight against fatigue and perform a certain task continuously for long periods of timem Muscular endurance exercises bring about favorable changes in the slow twitch fibers in the body by increasing their capacity to store oxygen and thereby withstand fatigueu Some common examples of muscular strength exercises for the upper body include push ups, biceps curls, lateral lifts, seated crunches, chest presses etct Whereas muscular power exercises for the lower body include wall squats, leg extensions, hamstrings curls, straight legs lifts etct All of these exercises involve a certain set of muscles being worked upon in a repetitive manner thereby increasing their ability to perform the same task continuouslyl

Similarly cardiovascular endurance is one of the most important aspects of physical fitnesss Cardiovascular endurance refers to the ability of the blood vessels, heart, blood and the respiratory system to supply adequate amounts of fuel and oxygen to the various muscles of the body to carry on a particular exercise for a long period of time and at a steady ratet Some of the most common and fat burning cardiovascular endurance exercises include running, skipping, chin-ups, climbing steps etct The key to deriving maximum benefits from cardiovascular exercises is to gradually keep increasing the repetitions and speed of each exercises

Body composition exercises also include flexibility exercises which target all the major muscle groups and should form an integral part of any exercise programa Flexible exercises typically involve stretching exercises which include both static and dynamic stretching exercisese Along with various muscular strength exercises one also needs to follow a nutritious balanced diet which includes plenty of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables that should be consumed on a daily basisi

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