Practicing Yoga to Lose Stomach Fat (Belly Fat)

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on July 31, 2012

How To Lose Stomach Fat If you want to lose stomach fat, there are many ways to do it. Unfortunately, none of them are easy. The good news is that you don't really have to follow any specific diet, or any diet, in fact, to be successful.


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Of course, this doesn't mean that you can continue with eating cheeseburgers and colas every day. It means that you wont need to follow a restrictive diet, but will still have to eat healthy, and your meals will have to include proteins, good carbs, healthy fats, roughage, and vitamins. You can also eat many small meals a day instead of three big meals.

Exercises To Lose Belly Fat Losing belly fat essentially means that you have to bring your fat percentage down to a healthy level. This means that you have to be physically healthy. To do this, you will need to increase your overall strength, flexibility and endurance. The best way to do this is exercise. Weight training is a great way to build strength and muscular endurance. You can join a gym, and if you can afford to, hire a good personal trainer. Even if you work out thrice a week, this should be enough. You need to work out all your major muscle groups, like your back, chest, legs, and shoulders. As your muscles get stronger, your circulation will also improve and your metabolism will rise, helping you to lose calories all day long. Lose Weight Using Endurance Training Another form of exercise is endurance training. This increases your endurance levels, and can include sports like squash, running, swimming, martial arts, or any other similar exercise. Keep in mind that to be able to lose weight, you need to do some high intensity sports. Yoga Exercises For Stomach Another form of exercise that is great for helping you lose fat is Yoga. This is an ancient Indian form of exercise which unifies the body, mind and breath. It's great for increasing strength and flexibility in your muscles. It also helps to strengthen your internal organs, and lose fat from all parts of your body. It helps to normalise the body and reverse the ill effects caused by our sedentary and stress-filled lives. Yoga For Stomach Fat There are different kinds of yoga, including Hatha Yoga, Iyengar yoga, and even newer forms like Power Yoga. You can learn these from a good teacher, or Guru. Yoga includes many poses, or Asanas, which are to be performed in different sequences. There are many poses that are meant specifically for weight loss and strengthening the abdominal region. These include the Cobra pose or Bhujangasana, the Plough Pose or Halasana, Veerasana, the Back Stretch or Paschimottasana, Bow Pose or Dhanurasana, Simple Triangle or Trikonasana, and the Simple Spinal Twist or Ardha Matsyendrasana, amongst others. Keep in mind that yoga includes a complete change in lifestyle, and if done correctly, has no side effects or adverse effects on the body.

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