Yoga Exercises for Stomach

(August 8, 2008)

I'm a diabetic woman taking injections since 20yrs. Due to this I've gained lot of stomach fat. Any yoga exercise to reduce my stomach fat?

Diabetes is the ailment which is highly common these days. Due to diabetes the weight of the body increases considerably and at times it becomes difficult to control the extra fat deposits in the human body. Diabetes may be caused due to greater intake of sweets and cholesterol compounds or it may also be caused if one has heredity of it in the family.

Diabetes requires certain medications to keep the sugar level in control and these steroids cause immense weight increase in various organs of the body. Yoga can help to provide freedom from the extra weight gained due to the steroids taken for controlling the diabetes.

Yoga has no side effects on the body and hence it is safe to practice yoga at any point of time. Diabetes depicts the improper production of insulin in the human body which converts sugar into glucose and generates energy. Because of lack of energy the body becomes lazy and lethargic and one cannot carry out the daily tasks with ease and comfort. It also increases stress in the human body. Diabetes may also affect the menstruation cycle in women and also cause obesity. As the body doesn't burn cholesterol to produce energy, there are extra deposits of cholesterol in various organs of our body. These extra fats should be got rid of in one way or the other.

Yoga provides fat reduction by burning the cholesterol in the body with proper exercises. These yoga exercises also help to reduce the body mass index and impart strength to the body to take up various different exercises with great ease and comfort.

Yoga increases concentration and the physical stretch and strain provided to the body as a part of various asanas helps in reduction of the body fat. Lifestyle also becomes active with yoga and one can free oneself from various problems clouding one's mind.

Certain yoga postures like sukhasa (easy pose), corpse pose (shavasana) helps to slow down the metabolism and at the same time burn the fat deposits with the breathing exercises. Various exercises of yoga which provide fat reduction to the belly and the lower limb work great for the reduction of the weight as these are the specific areas wherein fat deposits greatly.

Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation) is another important asana of yoga which provides exercise to almost all the organs of the body so as to tone the body along with the chief goal of weight reduction.

Submitted by R J on August 8, 2008 at 01:33

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