Asanas for Reducing Tummy

(September 4, 2010)

I have a bulging stomach which looks very odd when I wear T-shirts and tuck in. I would like to reduce my stomach with Yoga. I would be grateful if you can provide me with asanas with technique to reduce fat. I used to do yoga d

There are many different postures in yoga to reduce tummy fat. These exercises will help to strengthen the abdominal muscles and as well give them a toned and well-defined appearance. As with all other yoga postures, these exercises too will incorporate emotional and mental well-being. Regular yoga also helps in reducing stress, which is one of the causes of excess weight gain and obesity. It is advisable to consult a doctor before performing any yoga posture.
For most people who begin on weight loss regimens, reduction of belly fat is the first aim. But this is also the most difficult part of a weight loss program. The abdomen has many layers that tend to store fat and burning of this fat takes place very gradually. Rapid weight loss diets and intense exercising are not the right ways to burn abdominal fat. Fitness routines to reduce tummy fat must include a moderate amount of regular exercise and healthy, portioned meals. One must also put in a considerable amount of dedication and commitment to achieve these goals. The use of yoga to reduce tummy fat is therefore ideal as it is sustainable and focused. The Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) is a basic yoga posture for the abdomen. To perform this exercise, first lie down on your stomach and place your hands, palms down just beneath the shoulders. Then inhale and lift your head and chest up, keeping your navel on the ground and arching your back. Stretch your body as much as you can. Then exhale and lower the upper body. This exercise may be performed two to five times. The Cobra Pose helps to reduce tummy fat and strengthens the abdominal muscles. It also helps in relieving back aches and menstrual problems. You can also perform the Balasana (Child’s Pose) as it stretches and tones the abdomen. First kneel and sit on the heels. Keep the arms relaxed at the sides. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, bend until the chest touches the thighs. Slide your arms backwards and touch your forehead to the ground. Hold the position for a minute and then release. Make sure that you include these poses in any session of yoga to reduce tummy fat.
Many individuals also use other forms of exercise to target tummy fat. You can adopt an exercise program such as pilates to reduce tummy fat. This helps to firm up the abdominal muscles and also assists in stress relief. One can also perform Tai chi to reduce tummy fat. Tai chi involves simple, flowing movements that exercise and also relax the body. It is especially beneficial in shedding pregnancy weight.

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In order to flatten your stomach, there are two types of yoga asanas that you should do when you practice yoga.  Firstly, in order to lose weight around your stomach, you should increase your cardio activity, thereby increasing your metabolic rate.  The best exercise for this is running, however, yoga can be done in such a way as to increase your metabolic rate.  Ashtanga yoga is best for this.  Ashtanga yoga is a series of asanas done at a faster rate than most other types of yoga, like Hatha.  It begins with a series of Sun Salutations to warm up and then completes a set series of asanas which flow in to each other.  By practicing Ashtanga yoga (or other fast movement yoga such as Power Yoga), you will increase your heart rate and increase your metabolic rate – thereby letting your body consume those extra calories that add to a bigger stomach.

As well, doing asanas that focus on your stomach will help build muscle in that area.  This will give the illusion of a flatter stomach.  Try spinal twists and planks, which will build muscle in the stomach.  Building muscle will also burn more calories – helping to reduce your stomach as well!

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