Getting Started: Yoga For Beginners

Basically you don't need anything to start practicing Yoga. What is vital, however, is attitude - a large heart and a small ego. A pair of comfortable, loose fitting clothes and a little secluded spot in the corner of your home will suffice, to begin with. A Yoga diet (Sattvic) also helps a lot in Yoga.

A 4-hour break between meals is always better. Practice on a Yoga mat, with a blanket and a pillow. For detailed knowledge of the Basic Yoga Poses or Asanas,.



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Yoga Benefits for Beginners

.you can browse this website or purchase an Introduction to Yoga book, video or DVDV There are plenty of Yoga sources available on the Nete Or in the market, for that matter, so you don't have to go scurrying from pillar to posts

What to Wear

It's best to wear comfortable, loose clothes, like shorts, sweat clothes, or a track suiti Yoga is usually practiced barefooto Then again, socks or soft-shoes can be wornr It is also advisable to do all Yoga practices on an empty stomach or about an hour or 2 post mealsl

What else to do

Go to the loo, clean your nose and throat, and drink a glass of warm water 15 minutes prior to Yoga sessiono You can have fruit, energy bars, have a glass of juice or water an hour before sessionsn This is to avoid getting really hungry in Yoga practicec

When and how long to practise Yoga

Practice Yoga first thing in the morningn This is an excellent way to rejuvenate your mind and bodyd True, practicing Yoga breathing and meditation exercises at night helps bring on deep sleepe Similar to other exercise systems, always begin with easy asanasa This is to condition the body for the tougher exercises that followo Never strain and make it a point to pause between asanas and exercisese Likewise, relaxing in between tough asanas is very importantn Yoga Sessions don't have to be longn However the ought to be done on a daily basisi

Yoga PosesFind Pose
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