Different Yoga Poses for Beginner's

This section has, specifically, been designed and written keeping the beginner in mind. It is always best to ease yourself into Yoga, like into anything else, slowly and steadily. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step - the beginner's step.

You don't have to see the whole ladder, just take one step at a time. This section helps you do precisely that.

Tadasana - Mountain Pose


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Tadasana - Mountain Pose

Tadasana, and coming returning to stillness after other poses, is an excellent way of getting acquainted with stillness.

Vrikshasana - Tree Pose

Vrikshasana strengthens thighs, calves, ankles and back, while increasing flexibility of the hips and groin.

Trikonasana - Triangle Pose

Trikonasana is the last Yoga Pose in the series of our basic session.

Vajrasana - Warrior Pose

Vajrasana stretches and strengthens your arms and legs, boosts stamina, enhances balance and focus. People having diarrhea, hypertension or neck problems, you should be extra careful when practicing this asana.

Adho Mukha Svanasana - Dog Pose

Adho Mukha Svanasana improves flexibility of the spine, stretches the hips and middle and low back. It also rejuvenates the body, and helps in avoiding back problems.

However, this pose should be avoided by those having serious back aches or injuries.

Double Leg Raises

Double Leg Raise is just like to a Single Leg Raises, only here you raise both legs. Just see that the full length of your back is lying flat on the floor while the shoulders and neck are relaxed.

Shavasana - Final Corpse

For those who really and full wish to appreciate the advantages of relaxation, they first ought to be familiar with what it is like to be tense. This happens in Shavasana, the Final Corpse. Although apparently easy and even fun to do, it has been described by some Yoga experts as the most difficult and, in fact, toughest Yogasana.

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