Basic Power Yoga Exercises For Beginners

The Western world's version of the Ashtanga Yoga is Power Yoga. This form is more concerned with the practitioner's ability of psychological movement. Power Yoga also provides the practitioner with discipline.

That is the one thing needed for a better person all around.

Power Yoga got its name because it is not a slow progression but a fast-paced yoga. It is not the same as the other forms of Yoga.


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Power Yoga insists upon the health and robustness of the practitioner and is a way to deliver the best possible health and state of mind. Power Yoga balances out the mental health of the practitioner and endows him /her with better focus. Beginners ought not to try and rush through the exercises; rather, then should take their time so as not to get hurt.

The way to move for Power Yoga is by taking a numbers of different poses (asanas). You should do this as if you would in regular Yoga. The correct way top breathe, which is called Vinyasa follows the poses.

Breath regulation is an integral part of the Power Yoga and is believed to provide a way to enhance the exercise. It is also designed to give the practitioner a grace and harmony. It believed that for practitioners who do not get involved in the Power Yoga, it seems that the exercises are easy to do and just flow freely. This is not the case, as this Power Yoga is a rather severe and fast-paced type of practice that will push the practitioner and could even cause deformity in the movements.

But Power Yoga can be done easily effortlessly and conveniently in the comfort of one's own home. Given below are some of the easiest and fundamental Power Yoga exercises you can do at your own, anytime.

  • Yogi hurdler's stretch
  • Warrior lunge
  • Frog stand
  • Bridge
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