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Basically, you do not require anything to start Yoga. All it calls for is the right attitude. And that is the desire to expand one’s self awareness. This, however, doesn’t altogether do away with the need for Yoga Props.

These are supports that help practitioners attain the right levels of alignment, balance. They also help make the asana slightly easier. The use of props also reduces, to a great extent, the stress and tension and supports muscles.


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How To Use Yoga Props

This helps the practitioner to save energy by using less effort on an asana. Yoga props particularly help practitioners with medical conditions and the Senior Citizens to traverse their limitations. These props offer support, and this allows them to do the asanas which their illnesses or age would, otherwise, prevent them from performing.

The world of yoga has undergone a dramatic and drastic transformation, since its introduction to the general public, particularly in the West. New people have brought in novel approaches to Yoga and developed needs for new products. You to be flexible, if you wish to go far; you have to continue providing fresh, innovative aids for your practice. And yet you must remain rooted in your values. These include non-violence, truth, non-stealing, celibacy and non-covetousness.

Fortunately, now we all have a chance to increase flexibility and enjoy the benefits of supported Yoga practice. In the bargain you also experience deep inner peace.

Here are some Yoga Props to start with:

  1. Non-slip mat
  2. Strap or belt
  3. Cotton or wool blanket
  4. Chair with arm rests
  5. Wooden or foam block or a phone book

A number of companies have been supplying the following Yoga props

  1. Yoga bolsters
  2. Yoga mats
  3. Mexican blankets and recycled wool blankets
  4. Yoga straps
  5. Yoga blocks, etc

All of them come wholesale and retail and private label products. They are easily available to all committed Yoga and Pilates practitioners, meditators, instructors, studios, ashramas, and the general public. An all this has been happening for a long time now. Most of these shops and suppliers are still discovered by word of mouth. So, all the best with the practices.

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