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(November 10, 2010)

How we can become better using yoga?

Despite the fact that yoga is one of the oldest disciplines in the world, our obsession with quick fixes to problems that are health related has meant that, for centuries, the more common route when it comes to ensuring a persons well being has been the chemical based western medicine rather than the healthier and more natural treatment options such as in the case of yoga. However, while yoga might take a little more time to prove its efficiency, it is the more natural and more permanent option of the two. Moreover, given that there are no substances introduced into the body – there is also no chance of any kind of allergic reaction. The only dangers that yoga poses is in the case of the asana being practiced incorrectly – which could damage the ligaments or muscle groups involved. However, the advantages of yoga significantly outweigh the dangers that the discipline might pose. One of the main use of yoga is the fact that, under normal circumstances, our body only uses a certain set of muscle groups in order to carry out its everyday activities. In fact, a large number of muscle groups are ignored and, as a result of not being exercised or maintained very well – generally suffer from early degeneration and are the primary sets of muscles that cause stiffness as well as pain as a person continues to age. The use of yoga lies in the fact that a number of the asanas actually help develop these largely ignored muscle groups and develop them to a point where they do not degenerate easily and therefore feature increased endurance.
One of the main use of yoga is the fact that it is not purely physically beneficial, but also helps ease the mind and the use of meditation asanas will help ensure that the mind stays in tune with the rest of the body. Moreover, the use of yoga has even stretched into the medical field with regular practice of the asanas, in addition to the benefits of paranayama and meditation known to be rather effective in treating a number of medical ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, constant fatigue and disorders that are related to the digestive system. Proper breathing is considered to be one of the most important basics of any yogic pose and it is essential to ensure that your breathing patterns are correct in order to allow your body to capture the complete use of yoga.

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Although the ancient practice of yoga has become increasing popular all over the world, including the western countries, there are many people who are apprehensive about taking up this practice. This is mainly because they are not fully aware of the several yoga uses and benefits on the body and mind. Yoga consists of breathing techniques, exercises, meditation techniques and poses that can help improve not just physical health, but also mental, social, emotional and spiritual levels. Several celebrities and achievers in various industries attribute some part of their superior performance to the regular practice of yoga.

Various yoga uses
• There are several people who have the problem of shallow breathing, which is one of the root causes of numerous diseases and medical conditions. Yoga uses breathing techniques like the Pranayama, to improve the circulation of oxygen to all the organs in the body. This helps the body function in a much better manner. In addition to that, the yoga breathing techniques can help relax the muscles in the body, reducing the levels of stress and tension in a person. This further helps the person to fight off diseases and health disorders.
• It is quite common to see people spending hours working out in the gym or at a fitness center, trying to achieve the body shapes they desire. While it is great to spend time exercising or lifting weight in the gym, yoga uses workout techniques in several of its poses and postures, which can help a person not only lose weight, but also tone up the entire body.
• By practicing yoga regularly, people can become more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their own bodies. Yoga uses body awareness and knowledge in people, to improve their confidence and boost their overall performance in various aspects of life.
• Yoga creates a harmony, between the mind, body and spirit, with the help of its various asanas and techniques. This harmony is known to be useful in improving a person’s social life.

Yoga uses Iyengar
Iyengar yoga is the form of yoga that uses a lot of props, while practicing yoga poses. This style of yoga is quite versatile in nature. Most of the props that Iyengar yoga uses are straps, chairs, cushions, pillows, mats, blankets and yoga bricks, to name a few. The props used in Iyengar yoga are meant to improve the way a certain pose is practiced. However, the use of the props in this form of yoga should be appropriate and therefore, it is best to attend a few Iyengar yoga classes, in the beginning, for the right introduction to the use of appropriate props during yoga practice.

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Yoga offers tremendous benefits to its practitioners – physical, mental and emotional. Do click on the following URLs to really get to know the myriad benefits Yoga has to offer.


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