Clothes & Accessories While Doing Yogasanas

Yoga accessories enhance the overall yoga practice with convenience and comfort. While they might not be vital, they make your experience of yoga practise more pleasant.

Yoga clothing & props are the key to comfortable asanas and help to perfect your poses. Props like blocks, straps, chairs, or comfortable yoga clothing ensures comfort and control to any any asanas or poses.


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It is not very important to dress in perfect yoga clothing. But, ensure that whatever you wear on is comfortable and does not disturb you in your yoga practice.

Some of the yoga accessories and props include mats, blocks, straps, belts, meditation pillows, blankets, door mounting devices, eye pillows, bolsters and batik covers.

What kind of yoga mat I should buy for me and my child?

The best yoga mat for you and your child will depend on your personal preferences and the kind of yoga being practiced. Your yoga mat should include features like sticking to the floor, soaking capacity, proper padding, and should be comfortable. These days even as kids are starting to practice yoga, various designs of yoga mats are coming out. A yoga mat for toddlers should look funky with designs and graphics that appeal to them. They also come with features like waffle texture that provides grip and a surface that is slip resistant. You can purchase your yoga mat for men and women on various websites that offer a great selection.

How to use yoga straps loops and blocks?

Yoga straps are good accessories you can use to enhance your workout. The exercise that is soothing can be made even better with the use of yoga straps and blocks, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Yoga straps can be very beneficial for beginners who have a low flexibility level. They can help you reach limbs that are otherwise unreachable. Using yoga blocks are important as some of the postures in which your hands need to be on the ground can be performed more comfortably. There are many websites that give instructions as to how to use them. You can also purchase yoga straps with loops that can help you in your session.

Please explain advantages of various yoga props like blankets and bolsters?

While the practice of yoga can be performed without any special yoga props or equipment, eventually, people will start to pick up some supplies for the practice. The equipment can be divided into two categories. Basic equipment comes under the first, which includes yoga blankets, mats and maybe eye bags. The next category includes tools that help in support like yoga bolsters, blocks, and belts. The advantages of using yoga props are in making the practice easier for beginners and individuals with limitations to physical movement. The yoga props therefore help these individuals receive benefits of the postures they may not be able to perform without the props.

I am 23 years old girl. Which clothes I should buy for easier excerises and workouts?

When looking out for clothes for yoga or exercise, you should keep certain points in mind. Yoga clothing should be loose and comfortable. It is also essential that the clothes you use are made from natural materials. A good choice is cotton, which can also be blended with other fabrics to make it stronger. Yoga women's clothing comes in a wide range from tank tops and bras to tees. You can use them with drawstring pants and shorts. You can find plenty of options on the Internet regarding types of exercise and women's clothing that should be worn. Yoga men's clothing includes tank tops and T-shirts with short sleeves and necks that are loose fitting.

My size is too bigger? Which yoga clothes I should use during yoga session?

Clothing that is specifically designed for the practice of yoga will more likely be able to meet your requirements and may also work out a little more expensive than the usual work out gear. Yoga clothing should be loose and comfortable to allow free movements of the body. Prana yoga clothing is considered to be a good option as it is kept mostly seamless and is made of natural fabrics. This will prevent any hindrance to the movements of the body. There are many websites on the Internet that have a wide selection of plus size yoga clothing and men's yoga clothing that you can choose from.

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