Yoga Eye Pillow: A New Light Towards Relaxation

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 24, 2012

Yoga is all about relaxation and relieving your stress which can make a drastic change in your life. To see that reflect in your life you can do start off by doing some of the basic yoga. Usage of the props and accessories like blankets, rugs, mats and eye pillow are of great help.


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These eye pillows are made of different materials. The most commonly used ones are the silk eye pillows which just melt on your face due to its smoothness. Your tense muscles are relaxed and a soothing relief is provided to you.

Your droopy and sagging eyes get a new life and by the continuous use of the same you can see a whole lot of difference. The environment you sit and relax is also important as it plays a very important part in relaxing you.

They are also made of satin, rayon for the extra smoothness. The pillows are filled with organic herbs which are used while doing yoga. These organic materials are already heavy and would help in removing the tension around the eyes. It would be similar to having acupressure points pressed and can be a good meditation nap.

These herbs are basically used for the different problems you would be suffering and these eye pillows can be of good help. It helps in keeping the light away from your eyes, avoid eye strain, soothe your tired eyes and make your face glow due to this pillow. They come in different colors which gives a positive feeling about the yoga process.

These are very easy to use as they are easy to use and can be carried anywhere. While traveling too you can make good use of this eye pillow. The cleansing of your eyes just makes all the effort worth it. It is a rejuvenating process to your body and soul.

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