How to Perform Bed Pose?

(July 2, 2010)

Paryankasana (bed pose) is so called as the term Paryanka means sofa, couch or a bed. In this pose, the body looks like a couch, hence the name.

Here are the steps for the pose:

1.Start with Supta Virasana (Reclining Hero Pose).
2.While slowly inhaling, raise your back and slowly lift your chest and neck so as to form an arc. At no time should any part of the trunk be touching the floor.
3.Support yourself with your elbow and forearms.
4.Then stretch and fold the arms at the elbows. Place your arms (still folded) on the floor behind your head. Keep this posture for a minute and keep breathing slowly.
5.You can use a small pillow or towel to support your neck. This is beneficial especially for beginners and helps to prevent strains.
6.Breathe in and rest the neck and trunk on the floor.
7.Return to the Reclining Hero Pose position.
8.Remember to use your palms and elbows to help raise yourself. Be sure to let your head hang limply while straightening your back. Do not stiffen the neck muscles as you might sprain your neck.

There are several advantages to doing this pose. The thigh, calf and abdominal muscles are all toned with this posture. Abdominal organs such as the liver, kidneys, pancreas, gall balder, urinary bladder and uterus are all stretched during this posture. The neck muscles are also stretched and the thyroid and parathyroid are stimulated and able to function in a better manner. This kind of yoga exercise also helps to expand the chest which makes it a good exercise for athletes and body builders. This exercise has also been known to help those people who suffer from bleeding piles. It is not advisable to do this pose if you suffer from any kind of hip, back or knee problem. This should not be performed by women during their menstrual cycles. If you are pregnant, you can do this pose up to the fourth month of pregnancy. Be sure to check with your doctor before doing this. If you are unable to do the Matsyasana (Fish Pose) for any reason, you can do the bed pose and avail of the same benefits. Do not attempt this pose soon after you have eaten.

This pose may sound quite relaxing if you go by the name, however it is a challenging pose.

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