Little Boat Pose - Pavana Muktasana

Little boat pose or pavana muktasana stretches and releases spine, lower back and hips. The arms and shoulders should be relaxed while resting your hands on the top of your knees. You can modify this exercise to work on your hips separately.

Moving the knees wider than hips when drawing them closer to chest is good for overweight and people with stiff hips. Wrapping the arms around legs or keeping hands behind the knees in the region between.



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.thigh and calf region will provide comfort to the handsd When you rock the body in this pose will massage spinen Avoid this pose if you have knee injury or herniai

How it is to be done - lying on the flooro

Suitable for - Everybodyd

Steps - actual procedure for that asanan

  1. Lie flat on the back, knees bent and feet hip width apart but flat on the floor
  2. Bring your feet close to the chest
  3. Press your lower back toward the floor
  4. Keep your hands above the kneese

    Arms and shoulders should be relaxed
  5. Exhale and relax your head, neck and spine to the ground
  6. Soften and gently release the hips so that your knees move closer to the chest
  7. Hold this pose for half a minute to 2 minutes

Modification to the exercise: performing this pose a leg at a time will stretch your hips independentlyl

Perform the above pose but move only the right knee towards the chests Next perform the same pose with the left kneee

Benefits to body parts - Stretches and relaxes the spine, lower back and hipsp

Other benefits - Helps visualizingn

Precautions - Avoid this pose if you have knee injury or herniai

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