Spinal Rocking Exercise

Warm up your spine by using this exercise. It relieves the tension from the lower back, which occurs if you are on your toes for ages.

This is also very useful if you are transiting from seated to standing poses or vice versa. Be careful with this exercise if you suffer from high blood pressure.

How it is to be done - Standing


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Suitable for - Everybody

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Steps - actual procedure for that asana.

  1. Begin in the Squat pose
  2. Keep your hands on the floor and just in front of you
  3. Press your hands into the floor
  4. Now exhale and straighten the legs so that hip goes towards the ceiling
  5. Let the hands leave the floor and upper body hang loosely downwards. Your head, neck and shoulders should be relaxed
  6. Bend your knees slightly, while pressing your feet into the floor
  7. Tucking your tailbone underneath, inhale and roll the spine slowly, one vertebra at a time.

    Let your shoulders, neck and head come up last

Benefits to body parts - A good warm up exercise for spine. Relieves tension from the lower back.

Precautions - High blood pressure patients should be cautious.

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