Neck Stretches

Neck stretching exercises are useful for relaxing your head and neck. They can be performed while sitting or standing. Don't strain the neck at any point of time. Focus on observing the reach of your breath to the muscles of neck.

The head should be moved only to the degree where it is comfortable. Keep your jaws and shoulders relaxed during the exercise.

How it is to be done - Sitting or Standing.


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Suitable for - Everybody.

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Steps - Actual procedure for that asana.

  1. Sit in Easy Pose
  2. Bring your chin towards the chest, while exhaling. Visualize the void created at the back of the neck
  3. While inhaling, look towards the ceiling. Imagine the front of the neck and throat as open.

    The back of your neck should be elongated and the head steady
  4. Repeat the above steps three to five times And bring the head to the center

Sit in Easy Pose

Modification to the exercise: You can modify the exercise to get a good stretch to the neck and release tension in the head and neck by incorporating head rotations in the exercise as described below:

Start with Easy Pose.

  1. Bring your right ear towards the right shoulder while exhaling. Your jaws and shoulders should be relaxed
  2. Inhale and bring your head back in the upright position
  3. Now exhale and let your left ear move towards left shoulder
  4. Next, inhale and move the head back to the upright position
  5. Do the steps 2 to 5 for three to five times.

Benefits to body parts - Stretches the neck and relaxes neck, head and face.

Other benefits - Relieves mental tension

Precautions - Avoid if you have neck problems.

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