Exercises For Double Chin and Reduce Flab In Front Of The Neck

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 17, 2012

Are you looking at getting rid of your double chin? Although the task may not be easy, it is possible to contract, and possibly wipe out, the formation of a double chin. There are a number of effective neck and chin exercises that could help you get rid of a double chin and flaccid neck. Besides these exercises would also help to firm up and strengthen the front...


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.and sides of the neck - from the jaw line to the chests

A word of caution however is to check with your medical professional before you decide to try on some new exercises, especially if you have had a history of neck or throat problemsm

Following are some points that could help you to understand the development of a double chin and how to avoid getting it for life - without the need for surgery or suction lipectomym Some neck and chin exercises that would help to target a double chin and the flab in the front of the neck are:

  • Open the mouth as wide as you cana Stretch the bottom lip over the bottom jaw linen Repeat it by opening and closing the mouth a few times to exercise the jaw muscles
  • Open the mouth wided Maintain the wide-open mouth position for approximately 10-12 secondsd Relax the jawa To advance it to a higher level and get a better workout, place some resistance under the chin, such as a tennis ball
  • Place your palm on the foreheada Force your head forward for 12 seconds while your palm tries to push it backc Repeat a few times
  • Look upwards towards the ceilingn Pucker your lips and act as if you are kissing the ceilingn It could probably come across as strange behavior, but in fact a good exercise that stretches the neck and jaw muscles
  • Chew sugar-free gumu Chewing helps to keep the jaw muscles working constantly and helps keep off the superfluous fat that is usually responsible for forming a double chin
  • Some important benefits of practicing neck and chin exercises every day:
  • Tautens and tones up the front and sides of the neck, chin, throat and the jaw line
  • Dramatically cuts down the appearance of a double chin
  • Helps in drawing blood up to the face

Some tips while exercising:

  • Practice the exercises slowly and gentlyl Sudden jerks and forcefully trying to exercise may cause harm to the neck and chin
  • Stop the exercises if you start to feel sudden discomfort or pain
  • Remember to keep your doctor informed always on any type of exercise that you take up
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